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Carteck Georgian Woodgrain White Steel Sectional Doors
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Sectional Doors Steel GEAR TYPE: Sectional

Carteck Sectional doors fit to cater for every type of property. 

The garage door sections travel vertically through a track by means of multiple rollers. As the sections are hinged the entire garage door rises upwards, through a tight curve and comes to rest in the garage ceiling space parallel to the garage floor, which means very little wall space is taken up by the garage door when it is in the open position.

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All Carteck Sectional Garage doors have 40mm thick panels, constructed of an outer and inner steel skin separated by a 'foamed in place' core, ideal for thermal and acoustic applications.

No Twist Fix Brackets? (see our news item here for further information):

Domestic Garage Door for low to medium use.

Colour Options:
Woodgrain White only.

Frame legs and head are smooth and white as standard.

Lead Times: Approx 2-3 weeks for delivery on standard sizes. Approx 6 weeks for delivery on non standard sizes and colours.
Please note these lead times are approximate and are subject to change.

Optional Extras:
- no external handle is fitted as standard. Will be required for a manually operated door.
External Emergency Release - fitted as standard in the top left hand corner of all doors.
Inbetween Opening Installation Kit - If you are fitting inbetween the structural opening this kit is required to adapt the steel frame which is designed as standard for behind fitting. The legs of the frame when fitted inbetween will have a series of factory drilled holes showing which will require a cloaking strip (not provided).

Remote Control Electric Operator:
The Carteck Drive 500N and 600N can lift any size door. 
The integrated drive and control unit of the Carteck Drive fits discreetly above the door.
The fixed chain drive of the Carteck Drive range is quieter and renowned for long-term reliability compared to revolving chain or belt designs.

The Carteck Drive 500N comes with x2 Pearl Twin Handsets as standard. The Pearl Twin transmitter has twin buttons that can be configured for two functions such as open and close and turn on the light.

The Carteck Drive 600N comes with x2 Pearl Handsets as standard. The Pearl transmitters have 4-function buttons.

The difference between the Carteck Drive and the Drive Pro:

The Carteck Drive Pro has a seperate control unit that can be mounted by an existing power outlet or at a convenient position in the garage, perhaps by a side access door so you can open or close the door using the push buttons on the front of the control unit as you leave or enter your garage.

Additional accessories are available for the Drive 500 (Pro) and Drive 600 (Pro). 
Please note some additional accessories won't be available for the Drive 500 (Pro).

Please Note: Door heights greater than 2375mm, a 1096mm rail extension will be required at an extra cost.

Installation Position: 
Fitting within the reveal - no holes in frame.

Please Note: Any door heights over 2250mm high - frames cannot be supplied undrilled.

Installation Instructions provided with every door.

5-year Manufacturer's Guarantee:
> On castors, hinges, springs, cable castors and cables for normal use (opening / closing max. 5 times a day).

10-year Manufacturer's Guarantee:
> On the panel against rust inside or outside
> On the steel splitting away from the foam
> On Material or Manufacturing faults of all immoveable frame parts, if it can be proved that they are inoperative or their use is impaired
> On floor seals, central seals, side seals and header seal against perishing
> On high performance springs




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