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The DuraRoll steel roller garage door is a continuous steel curtain door pre finished in a wide choice of colours and made to measure in width and height.

It is a spring balanced roller door with the adjustable spring mechanism located inside the curtain barrel. The door is available as a manual or electric operated door at any size.

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A roller garage door will provide the optimum use of your garage provided you have sufficient internal headroom and side room for installation.

Vertical opening and no internal tracking mechanism means you can park right up to the door inside and out with your vehicle and still operate the door at all times. Maximum width and height is achieved when the door is fitted to the inside face of your garage.

black finished roller garage door single size

The DuraRoll roller door is a single skin galvanised steel curtain with galvanised steel guides.

The external face is available in 12 standard colours and two woodgrain foil finishes.

Purpose made to any of the up to available sizes within the range this is a perfect roller door where the installation is onto the inside face of the brickwork opening providing maximum width and height if you have the required headroom and sideroom for the curtain roll and support brackets and guides either side.

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Finished colours available:
DuraRoll door Colour Optionssteel duraroll door from inside view

The electric motor driven option is a motor drive unit fitted to one side of the roller door and controlled by a remote control handset (two supplied) with an internal wall mounted wireless push button control unit which can operate two doors if required. This internal image below shows the motor drive installed to the left hand side of the door with a built in LED light system and manual override in case of power failure.
Two handsets are supplied with every DuraRoll electric operated door plus a wireless wall pushbutton controller capable of controlling two roller doors if required.


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The Duraroll roller garage door is designed and manufactured to be installed only behind a structural opening, which in most cases of course will be the actual brickwork of your garage opening.

The design is such that there are steel guides on either side of the actual roll of the curtain guiding the curtain up and down and then there are further supprot brackets either side to support the barrel on which the curtain rolls onto and the guides and the support brackets have to be accomodated into your calculations for ordering and installation.

The curtain roll itself has to be also incorporated into your installation dimensions and this roll has to go somewhere, in an ideal installation this is behind the lintel of the garage, neatly out the way.

For all DuraRoll Steel roller garage doors the sizes referred to for ordering purposes do not include the fixing lugs or any of the steel support brackets for the roller curtain.

The Ordering Width refers to the total width of the roller door curtain including the side guides and these side guides are 30mm wide each on single width doors and 50mm wide each on double width doors.

The Ordering Height refers to the height of the steel side guides NOT including the curtain roll above this height.

The Overall Side Room required on a manual door is 95mm and 125mm on electric doors.

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