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SeceuroGuard Retractable Security Grilles

 SeceuroGuard Retractable Security Grilles


SeceuroGuard Retractable Security Grille Range 

By adding SeceuroGuard Retractable Security Grilles, not only will you be securing your home from intruders, it will also act as a deterent.

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Ideal for internal installation in window recesses, doorways and any opening that requires a good level of security whilst retaining visibility. 

The SeceuroGuard Grilles allow for excellent through-vision and ventilation when locked. Keep intruders out whilst letting maximum light in.

The unique locking angle for the security gate offers operation from either side of the gate if required and also ensures it is nearly impossible to drill the lock cylinder and break entry as it is nearly impossible to get the angle to do so.

Essentially maintenance free with a wide range of colour options and a choice of lattice styles, classic appearance and convenience combine with the high levels of protection.

SeceuroGuard 1000 SeceuroGuard 1001
SWS Seceuroguard 1000 SWS Seceuroguard 1001


The SeceuroGuard 1000 Retractable Security Grille is the original security gate.

It provides an exceptionally strong barrier to keep out intruders, and is a fully retractable system.
Galvanised for corrosion resistance and powdercoated in a range of standard colours to co-ordinate with almost any colour scheme. Special colours can be ordered on application.
Can be custom built for any opening and is quick and easy to use.

The SeceuroGuard 1001 Retractable Security Grilles are high security tested to Loss Prevention Standard 1175 (LPS 1175).

The SeceuroGuard 1001 not only has the benefits of the original SeceuroGuard 1000, it has also been tested and approved to LPS 1175.
Fit to the face or reveal of a window or door aperture.
Choose between single or double-sash configuration dependant on requirements.
If a clear walk through is required, the SeceuroGuard's bottom track can be made to fold up*
*this is an optional extra.

There are so many benefits to the SeceuroGuard Retractable Security Grilles, not only do they provide smooth running carrier system for a quick and easy operation, they are also operated by a multi-point locking operation from a single key.

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