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Gliderol Roller Door

Gliderol Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Gliderol's innovative range of roller shutter garage doors allow you to have a fully functioning garage door which increases both the security of your garage and provides more space above the garage area. Unlike traditional garage doors, the GlideRol-a-Door does not swing out in front of the garage - it rolls up vertically allowing additional driveway space and more storage space in the roof of your garage.

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A Gliderol roller shutter garage door is very simple and easy to use. It opens and closes with reliable precision and minimal noise and friction giving effective performance at all times. It requires no heavy maintenance, oiling or greasing - just an easy clean of the guides and door surface and you're ready to roll again!

The Gliderol single skin non-insulated roller shutter is built with a unique profile frame and sturdy aluminium bottom rail to provide additional strength to the roller door to protect against intruder penetration. It is constructed with a double-sided locking system meaning your door can be secured or unlocked from both the inside and outside of the door.

The roller shutter is completed with a durable weatherseal on the underside of the door - this prevents leaves, dirt and other unwanted materials entering your garage.

The Benefits Of A Gliderol Roller Shutter Garage Door

There are various different benefits to consider when having a roller shutter garage door. When compared with the traditionally popular Up & Over garage door, a roller shutter garage door offers many more diverse qualities.

Compared with the commonly used Up & Over garage door, a roller shutter door does not swing out in front of the garage when opening. It simply moves vertically upwards into the space behind the lintel. This way of operation requires very little room affording you more space within the garage for storage. This also gives you more space on the driveway allowing you to park closer to the garage without leaving your car near to the street.

Unlike the sectional garage door, Gliderol roller shutter garage doors can be installed inside or behind the structural opening as well as in front for the insulated aluminium roller door with the optional roll hood cover. This opens up various design opportunites and can further enhance the way your home looks. When a sectional garage door is open, it requires room above the opening and above the garage area for the individual panel sections to sit; a Gliderol roller shutter garage door requires no headroom whatsoever behind the roll itself (usually between 300 and 450mm).

Ideal For All Shapes & Sizes

Due to the adaptable structure of the Gliderol Roller Shutter, it can be installed in a variety of ways. It can be installed:

  • In front of the opening (insulated door only with hood cover option)
  • Between the opening
  • Behind the opening (for maximum width and height)

This gives it the freedom to be fitted in the most complex locations regardless of the shape of the garage opening. Single and double garage door sizes are catered for meaning almost all requirements can be met. This makes it highly practical for owners of 4x4 vehicles or similar cars of a large nature who otherwise find problems driving into their garage.

uninsulated roller doors for odd shaped garages

Easy To Use, Easy To Install & Easy To Maintain

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The Gliderol Roller Shutter Garage Door is easier than ever to install.

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Maximum Width Maximum Height
5m 3m
Gliderol Glide-Rol-a-Door installed on home with expensive Audi car in garage Gliderol GlideRol-a-Door roller door installed on home

Gliderol Roller Shutter Standard Colours

The Gliderol Non-Insulated Roller Shutter is available in a range of different colours to make your door personal and unique. This allows you to either blend in or stand out amongst the crowd.

Gliderol Roller Shutter Laminate Woodgrain Finishes

Golden Oak Rosewood Mahogany

Remote Control Operation

Garage with remote control

The GlideRol-a-Door uses the powerful Glidermatic GRD remote control electric operator to maneuver the garage door from an open position to a closed position and vice versa. It offers reduced noise as the motor is housed entirely within the roll of the door giving a quiet and smooth performance.

It is very easy to use when operated by the Glidermatic remote control system. This allows the door to be opened or closed either by means of a compact hand transmitter or by a wall mounted control box on the interior of the garage. With either of these accessories, the door still opens and closes smoothly and quietly.

The risk of using another handset sharing the same code is elimnated as the transmitter uses a different code from one of two billion after every operation. Additional transmitters are available on request and a maximum of up to ten transmitters can be used with each Glidermatic system.

The door also functions with an automatic reverse system which stops the motion of the door should the downward path of the door become restricted.

And to put the icing on the cake, the operator also functions with an automatic light which illuminates your garage when the motor is activated for up to 5 minutes. This allows you to drive into a fully lit garage.

Strength, Safety & Security

The Gliderol Roller Shutter demonstrates fine examples of both strength and style. It is designed with a strong unique profile which provides security against the threat of intruders. An aluminium bottom rail offers further protection and works well with the double-sided locking system - this can be operated using either a manual handle or a remote control handset.


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