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Security Products Overview

Security Products

One of the most important requested features on any garage door we supply is now 'security'. How can you determine whether a garage door is really secure or not?

There are some simple considerations here:

1. Is the garage door construction itself strong and therefore able to resist attempted forcing against the actual panel or curtain itself? A lot of cheap roller and side hinged garage doors have very flimsy and thin panels, easy to break through with minimal effort.

2. Is the locking secure and integrated into a proper locking cylinder with resistance to 'bumping'? Any door that has a god strong panel construction can only then be as good as the locking system. Again, cheap and flimsy locks and locking systems are still an easy target for an effortless and quiet break in.

3. Is the door installed in the appropriate position to ensure the fixings and framework are properly secured to the surrounding structure and is the structure it is fitted to suitably strong enough? These 3 boxes ticked will at least ensure your garage door is resonably secure with or without any additional security certification.

So which garage doors are best for Security?

Insulated Roller Door Seceuroglide Excel

This is a double skinned insulated aluminium electric roller garage door that has been tested and approved by the LPCB and means this roller door is officially 'secured by design'. This means the roller door resisted a controlled attempt at forced entry for a period of time to achieve a rating recognised by independent testing bodies. The door does indeed offer great levels of security with enhanced guides and a patented locking system built into the barrel and motor drive area ensuring great levels of security against attacks using items such as crow bars, large screwdrivers and some cutting tools. The certification does however depend on the door being installed by a certified installer and this service is offered by Garage Doors Online.

Seceuroglide Excel

Insulated Sectional DoorGarador Guardian

Steel up and over garage door range with manual operation only and on door sizes up to 9 feet (2743mm) wide and 7 feet (2134mm) high. This range is an uprated version of the standard door range with lots of extra bracing to the rear of the panel, steel plates at critical attack points and an enhanced 4 point locking system with an uprated euro profile cylinder. The combined extra features give a garage door that has also been tested and approved by the LPCB and therefore has a level 1 'secured by design' rating.

Garador Guardian

Insulated Side HingedHormann and Carteck Insulated Sectional Doors

The Hormann and Carteck range of double skinned steel sectional doors fitted with the correct remote control electric operator will provide excellent levels of security and also give you an incredible range of styles, finishes and colours. The 42mm double skinned panels on these superb sectional doors provide excellent attack resistance. The strength of these panels combined with the multi rollers either side running in steel tracks ensure the panels are totally secured to resist a very determined forced attack. Add to this door one of the Hormann Promatic or Supramatic Bi Secur electric operators and you have a very secure garage door.The system is of course best fitted behind the structural opening for the best possible security also preventing access to the fixings. The Hormann LPU40 door with the Bi Secure operator is awarded the ‘;Secured by Design’ accreditation and the Carteck door has the German equivalent certification

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What else can make the garage secure?

We can offer other security products for your garage to include:

Insulated personnel doorsFixed or Retractable Security Grilles and Bars

These steel grilles and bars are supplied at various levels of security resistance and provide excellent and permanent security for your windows and external doors in your garage and outbuildings.

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Insulated personnel doorsSteel Security Personnel Doors

We supply standard or bespoke double skinned steel hinged doors for securing your external security side door or any pedestrian doors going into your house from the garage. These are available with varying levels of security and also in different colours as required with or without glazing.

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