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Round the Corner Door Overview

Round the Corner Door Overview

Round the Corner Garage Doors are a fantastic traditional option that always receive appreciation. Given the design of a round the corner door, they can be entered easily by only partially opening the door, perfect for garages that require regular pedestrian access.
The sliding nature of the doors also mean that there is no protrusion or 'swing out' like that of Up and Over doors, allowing for a greater drive-up space, and a smooth and easy operation. No horizontal ceiling tracks make this door ideal for a garage with ceiling storage or an obstruction. Due to the even weight distribution in this type of door, the sizes that are available can be considerably larger than other door types. 

Round the Corner doors have been in the UK for many years, although originally only with timber panelling, with tracking added and fitted seperately. With older type doors there was often an issue where the bottom track would potentially collect dirt and water. This is not an issue with modern systems, manufactured as a complete unit, with the vehicle-proof surface-mounted lower floor track, also acting as a weather bar.

These doors have come a long way since the timber offerings of yesteryear, with doors now also available in steel and aluminium, and in a wide range of colours, finishes and designs.
We offer double skinned aluminium slatted style doors using a strong 77mm foam filled aluminium slat arranged in vertical sections. This is a clean and simple RTC door with up to 50mm of tolerance in the mechanism for a floor which isnt perfectly level.
The other RTC doors we offer use doube skinned steel sectional panels which are also foam filled and offer great strengh and insulation properties. These doors can be manually or electrically operated and are available in many standard colours and surface finishes.

The measuring and installation for this type of door is quite specialised, due to the specific mechanism of the doors, but we are always happy to advise and help with the measuring process. Just call on 01926 463888.

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Additional information

The ordering and pricing sizes for the width of the door is the opening width PLUS the internal reveal size. This is to make up for the width before the door begins to curve. For example, a 3000mm wide opening would have around 500mm needed to complete the curve, resulting in an order width of 3500mm. The height is measured as the distance between the floor and the lintel, with 50mm added for the top track, fitted behind the lintel. Please consult the 'Measuring Guide' below, or contact us, for further advice on measuring for your new door. 

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