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Measuring for Side Hinged Doors

Measuring for Side Hinged Doors

Much like Up and Over doors, Side Hinged doors are usually pre-fitted with either a steel or aluminium sub frame. More traditional timber Side Hinged doors are usually fitted with a timber sub frame. A timber sub frame provides increased flexibility during the installation process, and is able to be adjusted and cut down to fit any existing stonework where a steel frame would require infilling. Timber frames can be ordered in a wide variety of sizes, making them more flexible to order than steel and aluminium frames.  

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Standard Side Hinged Garage Doors

Please note for ALL INSULATED side hinged garage doors we take the Overall Width and Overall Height INCLUDING the sub frame as the ordering dimensions, so please be aware when ordering.

The measuring guide image below is for standard sizes of steel and timber side hinged doors.

Inside View Of Side Hinged Garage Door Outside View Of Side Hinged Doors

Important: If you have an opening size that does not seem to match any overall dimensions for a range of standard doors, then as long as you are happy with the smaller standard sizes you can pack out the opening to secure the sub frame. It is almost like adding a further sub frame on top of the existing frame, with some limits of course in terms of visual appearance.

General rule of thumb: The ordering size is the fixing sub frame daylight opening size (allow for the sub frame in your calculations!) with some exceptions for purpose made doors on certain manufacturers.

Measuring for your new Side Hinged Garage Door

When measuring for a Side Hinged garage door, ignore the existing sub frame for whatever door is already there; we are only interested in the structural opening. However, this is not the case if you are re-using the timber sub frame, which normally only happens with timber side hinged doors and when the sub frame remains in very good condition.

  1. Measure the Width of your opening from top and the bottom in several places
  2. Measure the Height of your opening from inside of the opening to the floor in several places

The smallest measurements will define the overall sizes for ordering your door and sub frame, and it is normal to allow for a small tolerance when fitting.

For example, you may measure an opening as 2290mm wide and 2250 high. Ordering a standard sized door (2134mm x 2134mm) with a 70mm sub frame will mean the overall dimensions will be 2274mm wide by 2204mm high. The resulting tolerance is 8mm on either side, and 46mm for the head. The width tolerance is good, however the head tolerance will require an infill of some sort, although this is quite normal. New build properties may be different, and may be worth building to suit the dimensions of your desired garage when possible (based on overall dimensions plus 5-10mm all around).

Please also refer to the 'measuring tab' shown in the online shop when placing an order

Take the smallest measurements as the one to use. If there is a large difference in various places then it may be better to remove the frame and replace everything

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Ordering your new Side Hinged Garage Door

The ordering sizes for Side Hinged doors depend on the specific manufacturer, with most priced and ordered by the dimensions between the sub fixing frame. However, some are ordered using the overall width and height (including the subframe), which includes when the sub frame is fitted as standard in the factory. 

The measuring tab will confirm the ordering references and these are located underneath every product in our online shop.

Please also refer to the 'measuring tab' shown in the online shop when placing an order

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Additional information

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