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Insulated garage doors by Seceuroglide

The standard package for the SeceuroGlide roller garage door consists of:

- Powdercoated or laminated woodgrain finished, double-skinned, insulated aluminium curtain.
-  Pair of powdercoated 75mm or 90mm guides to match or compliment with the curtain colour chosen, with the exception of Silver, Anthracite and Light Grey, all of which are supplied at a surcharge.
- Galvanised steel endplates for face fitting or inbetween fitting.
- Choice of 2 no. rolling code hand-held radio transmitters.
- Built in receiver/control box with courtesy light and up/stop/down pushbutton control pad.
- Bottom edge safety sensor built into bottom weatherseal.
- Manual override crank handle, for internal use only, in the event of power failure (seperate garage access required).
- Patented locking system to hold the curtain firm against the floor.

Although the standard roller shutter door package suits most requirements, there are some useful and sometimes essential extras and accessories available to order. These extras depend on your garage layout, your personal use of the garage, access to the garage via another entrance, number of people using the garage, etc.
We have set out below the most popular of these accessories below. If you have a special requirement not shown, simply e-mail your details and we will return with a solution.

SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door Accessories

90 Degree Fascia Plate


90 Degree Fascia Plate
An aluminium powdercoated folded fascia with a 90 degree return to sit over the top of the roll. This is used for when there is insufficient headroom in the garage and the roll is likely to be exposed externally. The fascia is white or mid-brown colour as standard, but can be ordered to match the curtain at extra cost. It cannot be supplied in any of the laminate woodgrain finishes.


Roller door full hood cover


Full Hood Cover
The full hood cover consists of a 90 degree folded fascia, combined with a 45 degree folded aluminium section to create a complete hood enclosure when installed together. The powdercoat finish is either white or mid-brown, but can also be powdercoated to match the curtain at an extra cost. It cannot be supplied in a laminate woodgrain finish.
The hood cover option is required if you are fitting the roller door externally or if you would simply like a neater finish internally.

Powder-coated end plates


Powdercoated Endplates

Colour-matched to the door curtain to finish the complete door if ordered with the full hood cover. Normally the endplates are galvanised steel finish as standard. The endplates are mid-brown as standard on any of the woodgrain laminate finished door options.

Glazed Vision Slats Roller Doors


Glazed Vision Slats

This is a useful option if you require some natural light in your garage. The glazed sections are purchased per linear metre and per slat. i.e. 2 slats on a 2.5 metre wide door is 2 x 2.5 = 5 metres x £/metre 
The glazed vision sections are cut into non-insulated, extruded aluminium sections with a powdercoat finish only. When a laminate woodgrain curtain is ordered, the vision slat will be brown powdercoat only.

If ordering more than one door to be used in the same garage block, then the multi-channel transmitter and receiver option is worth considering. Instead of seperate transmitters for each door you will have a transmitter capable of operating up to four roller doors from the one unit. This option is free but you will only receive one transmitter per door instead of two.


External Wireless Keypad


External Wireless Keypad

If you access the garage regularly, this is a very useful accessory as it does not require you to carry your hand transmitter. If you have several family members using the garage they can use the keypad instead of having many transmitters which could get lost or stolen. The keypad needs no wiring at all and simply transmits a signal after a 4 digit code is entered. This code can be changed easily changed if required on a regular basis. This unit will only operate one door.

Surface mounted key switch


Surface Mounted Key Switch

A hard wired externally mounted keyswitch to operate your roller garage door from outside with a key. Three keys are supplied.

External manual override


External Maunual Override

If you do not have another entrance into your garage this is an essential item for an internally installed roller door. The system has an external lockable steel cover plate  which when removed gives access to a manual winding system operated by a crank handle.
Installation requires a hole drilling through from the inside of your brickwork which then allows connection to an internal knuckle jointed rod which attaches to the barrel of the shutter.
If you have more than one roller door and the garage is open inside you will only need one of these as the standard roller door always comes with an internal override.

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Special Requirements

The accessories shown above are just the standard extras available, we can also offer many other forms of access control and safety controls for projects.
Please contact us with your requirements and we can quote you accordingly.


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