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Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Garage Doors Online is a leading supplier of Roller Shutter Doors. With more than 10 years of experience, we provide quality garage doors, excellent customer service, competitive prices and special offers.

What is a Roller Shutter?

A roller shutter garage door is one the most practical garage door options available; with smooth vertical opening and no internal tracks, it operates smoothly and neatly. 

One of the roller shutter's most impressive properties is that its space requirements are minimal, standing out from other doors. Roller shutters have a vertical opening, meaning that owners are able to optimise the length of their garage and driveway, as well as allowing them to park right up to the door with no obstructions when it is in operation. The opening mechanism also means that you can safely park tall vehicles, like 4x4s, close to the door without obstructing the opening and closing of the door. 

As the size of a roller shutters curtain roll is small, they are often a great solution for locations that may have limited or obstructed headroom.

The small size of the curtain roll belonging to a roller shutter means the door can be installed in locations that may have limited or obstructed headroom - a solution that other door types cannot offer. If you have an awkwardly placed meter, fuse box or internal door that may block garage door mechanisms, then a roller shutter door may be the answer. The average curtain roll size is around 300mm-350mm in diameter, although this may be larger depending on the installation position and the material chosen for the curtain. 

Another benefit that a roller shutter door offers, that many other garage doors do not, is its ability to be fitted behind, inbetween OR in front of the opening.

Most roller shutter doors are made to order, and can therefore be ordered to your exact specifications, whatever the size. There is also an almost limitless choice of pre-finished colours and woodgrain effects, allowing you to discover the most ideal roller shutter door that is suited to you and your property.

Roller Shutters door benefits

- High Security 

- Made to Measure

- Remote Controlled

- Space Saving

- Rubber Seals

- No Internal Tracking

Roller Shutters

roller shutterRoller shutters are growing in popularity far beyond market expectation, and when you take a look at the features and benefits it is easy to understand why. The most obvious plus factor is vertical opening – drive right up to the garage opening as there is no swing-out to avoid, particularly useful for short drives, perhaps to accommodate two vehicles. Also, drive through height is maximised – providing the headroom is available, the drive-through height can be totally clear. When fitted behind the garage opening the roller shutter is suitable for virtually any shape of building – arched, square, it does not make any difference. The roller shutter garage door is easy to measure for; the roller shutter is, in effect, a two-dimensional garage door – this means that many of the pitfalls (sloping walls and ceilings, pedestrian doors, loft hatches etc), which are prevalent when fitting every other type of garage door, are eliminated. However, as with most products that become the vogue, the market rapidly gets flooded with products as manufacturers race to gain share. Apart from substandard materials and workmanship, the biggest risk is that many of the roller shutters currently offered for sale DO NOT conform to Construction Products Directive, ARE NOT Machinery Directive compliant and ARE NOT CE marked.

Before Garage Doors Online made the decision on which roller shutter garage doors to sell, they completed an in-depth unbiased product evaluation looking at various makes and models. Following this appraisal GarageDoorsOnline are comfortable and confident to offer the following roller shutters (based on product quality and ease of installation). The Gliderol single skinned roller shutter represents excellent value for money. With a 10 year warranty on the finish GarageDoorsOnline considered this to be the best non-insulated roller shutter garage door currently on the market.

Security Roller Shutters

security roller shuttersThe door is constructed from individual double skinned foam filled aluminium slats all sliding in extruded aluminium guides with absolute minimum noise and virtually no maintenance required. The high performance weatherstripping in the guides ensures a good level of sealing and when closed the door has excellent acoustic and thermal properties. A rubber weather seal on the bottom slat gives excellent weather protection as well as housing the latest in safety edge sensors for complete peace of mind. A key feature is the vertical opening - maximising space on the drive and internally. Park right up to the door outside or inside and you can still open or close it. The internal space requirements are also minimal enabling maximum use of your roof space in the garage and internal space for shelving, etc.

The SeceuroGlide garage door is an elegantly simple, well proven design, with robust, reliable and secure features offering excellent protection for your car and home.The SWS SeceuroGlide insulated roller shutter is definitely situated in the upper echelon of quality garage doors. Insulated slats with a beautifully powder coated finish, exceptionally smooth operation, a high security insurance rated version available, 12 colours to choose from are just a few of the features that ticked every box for Garage Doors Online. All of this and still incredibly competitively priced - this really is the Rolls Royce of roller shutter garage doors. And for your peace of mind – these roller shutters are fully compliant!

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