Seceuroguard Security Grilles

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SeceuroGuard Security Grilles

The SeceuroGuard Retractable Security Grille system is a stylish and easy-to-use system that effectively protects windows and doors for both domestic and commercial applications.

The standard grille design provided by Garage Doors Online is the SeceuroGuard 1000, a high quality system manufactured in the UK that offers compact, non-obtrusive protection to a property. In addition to this level of security, the grilles act as a visual deterrent to potential intruders who, should they persist, will meet an effective barrier.


SeceuroGuard 1000

The SeceuroGuard 1000 offers effective yet flexible security. 

Reliable, maintenance-free, and quick and easy to use, simply unlock and pull along the tracks to open or close. They are equipped with multi-point locking to ensure a comprehensive level of security, whilst the steel is galvanised for corrosion resistance and durability.

The grilles are also available in the below two designs - X or S lattice, which can be specified purely dependant on choice.

x lattice gate design s lattice grille design
X Lattice Design  S Lattice Design

Discreet & Large Colour Choice

The most attractive feature of this fantastic grilles are how discreet they are in appearance when retracted and not in use, which can be often if you are frequently inside the building. The gate sashes fold neatly to the side, out of sight behind curtains or vertical blinds, with the option of fold-away bottom tracks to leave openings unrestricted. Plus, the design of the grilles themselves offer through-vision, allowing the entry of light through the windows or doors, even when in use.

These fantastic grilles are available in 27 standard colours, with bespoke options available, allowing you to match your home's interior or company branding perfectly, fully enhancing their discreet character.

SeceuroGuard 1000 Open SeceuroGuard 1000 Closed


SeceuroGuard 1001

Additionally, SWS offer the SeceuroGuard 1001 'Secured by Design' retractable gate system.

The SeceuroGuard 1001 Security Gate offers an exceptional level of security with the elegance of the lattice style design. The SeceuroGuard 1001 is SWS’s Insurance Approved design.

Approval has been gained as a result of independent testing to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 Security Rating Classification 1.

For prices on these security grilles installed, please e-mail or telephone as expert advice on installation is required for the correct certification. We do offer an installation service for the security gates for the majority of the UK mainland. A professional survey is also offered and required.

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