Round the Corner Door Measuring

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Measuring for Round the Corner Doors

Measuring for Round the Corner Doors

The most important dimensions when measuring for a Round the Corner Garage Door are the width and height between the opening, much like with a Sectional door. When measuring make sure you are checking in several places.

It is also important to take note of your internal garage dimensions, as a Round the Corner door requires substantial depth for the tracking system. Given that most Round the Corner doors curve around one corner, the sideroom is a vital measurement when calculating orders and pricing. 

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Round the Corner Garage Doors

Inside View Of Round The Corner Garage Door

Important: Round the Corner garage doors are ordered by the width and height of the door curtain. This means that calculations must consider the internal face of the garage, and add that measurement to the width of the opening itself. If you have any doubts about your measurements, or queries about any part of the process, please contact us.


Round the Corner doors are always best to be installed behind the opening, given the nature of its operation. As a result, the door ordering sizes are the largest measurements taken of the opening, assuming there is sufficient space on the sides and the headroom for the operating mechanisms.

  1. Measure the Width of your opening from left to right in several places.
  2. Measure the Height of your opening from inside of the opening to the floor in several places.
  3. Measure the internal face reveals either side of the opening and the headroom above the lintel.

Please also refer to the 'measuring tab' shown in the online shop when placing an order

Take the largest measurements as the ones to use generally as long as there is sufficient room to either side and above the lintel internally for the operating mechanism. If there is not sufficient side room you can order infill fascia sections to create a false return.

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Additional Information

Round the Corner garage doors are a fantastic alternative to other garage doors, especially when considering their benefits. These benefits include that there is no 'swing out' when operating (like their would be with an Up and Over door), they require less headroom, and they are easily operated due to efficient weight distribution. We have also had comments from customers that this door encourages a tidy garage, as the opening mechanism requires a clear wall for the door to slide along. 

Other customers have opted to create a false stud wall to conceal the door when in the open position, which can then be used for shelving and storage purposes, and can be decorated to match the rest of the space.

As previously mentioned, the ease of use with a Round the Corner door is one of it's strongest qualities. No overhead lifting is required, and the manual operation is comfortable. Electric operation is available for convenience, and also adds an element of extra security. 

With automatic opening, the doors can be instructed to open partially to allow pedestrian access, for example, which can save time, limit the impact of adverse weather, and work towards keeping the warmth in. The SWS Vertico doors we offer are made from double skinnedm, foam filled aluminium slat, which offer strength and rigidity, as well as improved insulation qualities. 

For Ryterna round the corner doors, please contact us for information on measuring and installing.

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