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Hormann Sectional Garage Doors

Hormann Sectional Garage Doors

A world leader in garage and industrial doors, Hormann offer the most complete range of insulated sectional doors for commercial and domestic use, with the highest levels of attention to safety, quality and technology.

With over 30 years of knowledge and experience, we will certainly be able to assist you in attaining the right size and specifications for your garage: Standard UK, European metric and purpose-made sizes are available in nearly all the various steel and timber designs.

The sectional garage door probably offers the best value for money in terms of a modern, highly engineered and technically superior product with exceptional levels of sealing, insulation and security compared to various other doors on the market.

Hormann Secitonal Garage doorHormann Sectional with windoes

Overview of features:

Thermal insulation

The thick insulated sandwich sections insulate just as well as a brick wall. This means that your garage is not wasting any energy and  is saving you real money.

Acoustic insulation

The excellent acoustic insulation for the LPU sections reduces road traffic noise (approx. 80 dB(A)) to room volume level (approx. 55 dB(A)). So you can do what you want in your garage, whether you want to work in peace or throw a party.

Wind load

The LPU door sections are extremely sturdy so that your door can even withstand wind forces of up to 120 km/h, equivalent to hurricane force, without a problem. This means optimum protection for your garage and everything in it.


Your garage is also well protected from heavy rain. Due to the all-around seals between the door leaf and frame as well as the seals between  the sections, virtually no rain can penetrate a closed door.

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Domestic sectional doors are available from 2 metres wide, right up to 6500mm wide in most of the different designs that are available - heights are available up to 3000mm for most panel designs.
If you have a very wide opening we can also offer a 'Combi door', a commercial door specification for the operating mechanism, however it uses domestic insulated steel panels, and is available up to a massive 7.5 metres wide! 


You are able to choose from a wide variation of the classic Horizontal Ribbed, smooth Unribbed design, or 'Georgian' panelled designs. Variations of each design create a very different visual appearance.
Some of the designs are only available in either the single skin LTE 42 range or the double skinned 42mm LPU 42 range.  There is also a complete range of designer sectional doors with artistic design elements incorporated into the door panels. These designer doors are all LPU 42 insulated panels with optional glazing elements.

The LPU42 sectional garage doors can have matching front entrance doors for the perfect visual finish.

The high quality LTH 42 timber door range offered by Hormann again has 2 basic designs - the classic horizontal boarded design and the 'V panel' raised and fielded panel design - however the clever use of computer factory routing in either Nordic pine or Hemlock timber means you can create your own garage door design - a service offered by Hormann from their factory in Germany.

Some standard designs are also readily available, a good example being the superb design 405, recreating a double leaf barn door effect with optional false hinges to finish the overall effect.

L Ribbed

L Ribbed

M Ribbed

M Ribbed

S Ribbed

S Ribbed

D Ribbed

D Ribbed - NEW

T Ribbed

T Ribbed - NEW




Hormann steel sectional doors are finished as standard in white polyester paint (RAL 9016) - a finish which, if you wish, can be lightly rubbed down and painted. Most people don't bother to do this as Hormann offer a comprehensive factory finished RAL colour range as an optional finish to the exterior - with over 400 RAL colours to choose from!

A limited range of standard RAL colours are also available at special prices with faster delivery times from Hormann -  with 16 colours to choose from.
The door panels also have subtle differences in that all of the designs are either a woodgrain or silkgrain finish - woodgrain being as it describes - with a robust, woodgrain structured surface, and silkgrain a smooth elegant surface with extra reinforcement in the exterior face of this option.

The Decograin laminate foil coated range is a range quite unique to Hormann - there are various beautiful woodgrain laminate finishes with unique embossed graining and offering either Golden Oak, Dark Oak, Night Oak, Rosewood, Winchester Oak and Titan Metallic as a fully finished surface with a 10 year guarantee - a perfect match to many Upvc windows and external timber features.

Woodgrain steel surface finish


On this inexpensive, robust surface with an authentic sawn timber look, minor scratches can be easily repaired by working with the texture.

Sandgrain surface finish for sectional doors


The finely structured surface is an ideal choice for price-conscious owners and is particularly suited for modern homes.

Silkgrain smooth surface finish


Thanks to its elegant appearance, the smooth Silkgrain surface finish is the first choice for modern architecture. A 50% thicker exterior sheet on the sections ensures higher stability and even smoother running.

Slategrain finish


This on trend Slategrain surface finish gives your garage door a crisp modern touch. The embossed slate structure of the surface provides a unique and stylish appearance that is sure to make a statement.

Duragrain finish


A detailed, natural and colourfast door surface, you can choose from 24 decors.
The final high-strength protective coating guarantees a permanently beautiful door view.



Decograin surface finishes with UV-resistant plastic film coating give your sectional door a striking and authentic timber look or an elegant metallic appearance in Anthracite.

Nordic Pine

Nordic Pine

Nordic Pine is a light-coloured softwood with predominantly straight graining. Heart shakes, individual resin pockets, spiral graining and the yellowish brown “knots” are natural characteristics of the wood.



Hemlock is a greyish white to light-greyish brown softwood with predominantly straight grain, brown mineral stripes along the grain with bark pockets.


Hormann offer two basic operating gear types - tension springs (Z track) in the side channels for doors up to 4000mm wide, and overhead torsion springs (N Track) for doors over 4000mm wide. Side tension springs, or 'Z track' sectional doors, only require 100mm of headroom as the curve in the tracking can be a tighter radius than the larger doors.

Torsion springs, or 'N track' sectional doors, require 210 mm of headroom as the spring mechanism is directly above the top door panel and the track curve is not as tight.

All the larger sectional door systems have a low headroom option (L Track), where the torsion spring is relocated to the rear of the horizontal tracks and the headroom requirement reduced to as little as 100mm. Final drive-through heights are usually comprimised slightly, with reduced headroom options as the bottom door panel section cannot be pulled fully clear of the opening - it is however, always usually higher than an equivalent height up and over door.

Special requirements can be accomodated with extra high tracking available if the ceiling is higher than normal, keeping the garage space clear.
This gear is known a 'H track' gear and is available to order and priced is accordingly. This will put the horizontal tracks as high as possible in your garage to maximise space or ensure the tracks miss an obstacle such as a gas meter or similar.

'Combi sectional doors,' with the commercial torsion spring system, will require 390mm as standard as the spring is a lot bigger to assist the weight of the larger doors (up to 7500mm wide). A lot more attention has to be given to the spring support fixing points with this gear as the tension in the springs is much higher.

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For many installations, internal restrictions may prevent full width or full height sectional doors being used, and then infills and trims will be required to seal up the sides or the top, or both. Hormann have many different products to enable this to be as professional as possible where required rather than using timber or Upvc sections that will not match exactly.

Optional Extras -  Many options are available in the sectional door range, including:

  • Windows for all designs in single and double glazed units

  • Handle materials and colour options

  • Headroom arrangements including high lift tracking for high ceilings

  • Extra wide doors with industrial specification operating gear

  • Bespoke timber designs to your drawing design

  • Matching Front Entrance Doors and side doors

  • Pedestrian access door inside main garage door

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