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Is the brand name of a treated wood created via the acetylation wood modification process, using acetic anhydride. It is an expensive but very durable timber used in garage door design manufactured by Woodrite Doors. It is a timber offering the best and most durable, dimensionally stable, non-toxic solid material for outdoor use in the diverse British climate.


A metal material which is commonly used in double skinned and insulated roller garage doors and some higher priced entrance doors. As a material it is ideal for the creation of exact shapes and super accurate curves without distortion.

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Bi Secur

A Hormann term used to describe their security system used in electric garage, entrance door and gate operators. It is a 2 way coding encrypted system with an optional gateway system to enable operation via a smart phone and therefore anywhere in the world.

Bow Arm

A term used to describe an attachment and accessory used with a normal boom type electric garage door opener to convert the pulling forces into 2 places on the back of a canopy type garage door. The bow arm is shaped like a bow (as in bow and arrow) and fixes to the back of the door panel and has to be used to enable a garage door opener to work properly with most canopy doors. Some canopy doors will not work with an electric door opener even with a bow arm so check first before buying.

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The UK trading name for the Teckentrup brand of German manufactured doors. Manufacturers of high quality personnel doors, sectional garage doors, electric operators, side hinged doors and some specialist doors.

Car Port

A structure used for the protection of vehicles and usually constructed from aluminium or steel framework with a polycarbonate roof. Car ports normally do not require planning permission and can be erected quickly as concrete pads are normally all that is required for the leg supports. Car Ports are nearly always a lean to structure coming off the side of a building.


A term used for up and over garage doors describing the final and fully opened state of the door panel where a third of the door panel protrudes out from the sub frame forming a canopy. A canopy door is lifted from either side using a wheel in a channel guide with the lifting carried out by cables attached to a torsion spring situated above the door.


A stable and lightweight timber species commonly used in the manufacturing of timber garage doors in the UK. Mainly used for its stability in moist climates and also its light weight enabling large doors to be produced either as traditional joinery made doors or with a steel sub frame structure where the cedar is used more as a cladding. It is also easy to stain almost any shade.

Centre Ribbed

Descriptive of a design in the Carteck (Teckentrup) GSW-40 sectional door range. This design is almost identical to the Hormann M Ribbed sectional door and has one single horizontal line in each of the sectional panels which match up with the dividing lines between each panel joint to create the effect of equally spaced lines as the door design. Available in a smooth, woodgrain or stucco external face finish.


A smaller roll dimeter for a roller garage door when smaller curtain slats are used to make the coiled up diameter tighter. A compact door will always be restricted in width and height but ideal when the maximum drive through height is required and there is little or no headroom

Continuous Curtain

A reference to any roller type garage door where the roller curtain is a single sheet of single skin steel with a pattern formed in the curtain and the curtain is designed to roll around itself starting by going around a barrel with spacers. The continuous curtain is easy to handle and a great budget type roller door compared even to cheap and usually flimsy very small aluminium slats in budget aluminium roller doors.


A reference to the actual part of any roller door which forms the barrier. The curtain for most roller doors is either made of individual slats or a continuous sheet of steel. The strength of any roller door can mainly be determined by the depth and height of the slats used to form the curtain as well as the guides the curtain slides up and down in at the sides.


Usually the reference to the cable that lifts the garage door panel(s) as in a canopy up and over or sectional type garage door. The Overlap cantilever type garage door also uses cables for operation.


The necessary dimensions referred to for various doors to operate within. Clearances are needed to enable a panel or mechanism to move in open space during operation.

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The measurements usually used for the structural opening discussion. The dimensions refer to the actual opening rather than the door which usually if referred to as sizes. Dimensions are normally used to determine the sizes for a door or framework.


Brand name for a range of insulated and single skin steel hinged personnel doors manufactured by Garage Door Systems in N. Ireland. Standard and made to measure.


Brand name for a range of steel single skin roller garage doors manufactured by Garage Door Systems in Northern Ireland

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Electric Operator

An electric motor for the opening and closing of a garage door. The boom type operator is the most common for door which rise upwards, with a motor drive and a long section (boom) which has a carriage running up and down which attaches to the top of the garage door and pulls/pushes the main door panel. Other types include rack and pinion drive motor systems for round the corner doors systems and articulated arm types for hinged doors


Usually a steel plate used at either end of a roller door to house brackets and support sections to hold the roller barrel in place and form the closed end of a roller door with a full hood cover. The endplate is important as it takes most of the weight for a roller door when fully open


A model name for a Hormann collective door. An up and over door designed for use mainly in car parks where high use is required. It is a one piece up and over door with very heavy duty operating mechanism and panel options including open vented steel mesh.


A reference to the extruded aluminium sections in certain roller door slat sections. Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross sectional profile. A material is pushed through a die of the desired cross section. The two main advantages of this process over other manufacturing processes are its ability to create very complex cross sections, and to work materials that are brittle, because the material only encounters compressive and shear stresses. It also forms profiles of lath with an excellent surface finish.

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Usually a term to describe a board covering the end of rafters but in garage door terms a timber, UPVC, steel or aluminium board covering up a gap above a garage door frame head or covering the curtain roll of a roller garage door when the roll is situated underneath the lintel. The fascia is an essential finishing component to many garage door installations to provide a completed and sealed door and frame.

Frame Cover Profiles

A set of painted or foil coated steel profiles used to cloak and take up any under sizing or out of square gaps when a sectional door is installed in between an opening and also to ensure the frame legs are the same colour as the door colour. When fitting behind an opening if any part of the leg frame is likely to show these are to be ordered to cover the standard frame legs which are always white.

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A long established manufacturer of up and over garage doors in Yeovil in Somerset. Originally Westland Engineers then Garador for many years the company was purchased by Hormann GmbH and now provides a wide range of garage doors - Up and Over, Sectional, Side Hinged, Roller, electric operators and pedestrian pass doors. The latest manufacturing machinery and powder coat plant enables most steel doors to be produced in house in the UK.


An aluminium insulated roller garage door in either manual or electric operation. Made to measure and using a unique side spring balancing system to enable simpler motorisation and safety mechanisms


A description for many garage doors with square or oblong panels in the design, either up and over, sectional, round the corner or hinged door types can have this design option. Some doors have equal sized squares and some have unequal squares and oblongs.


An Australian origin company producing steel roller garage doors and also some lightweight industrial roller doors. UK manufacturing plant in County Durham for over 20 years now. Most recent product additions include a range of steel sectional doors and aluminium roller doors. The steel continuous sheet curtain roller door is their core product.

GRP - Glass Reinforced Polyester

A composite material usually referred to as fibreglass. Garage doors in up and over or side hinged panels are manufactured from this material. It is made from a durable plastic resin and fired of glass combined in a process to form a very strong final panel which is cured before being taken from a mould used to produce the design and finish for the door panel surface.

Guide Rail

A term to describe the side channels for a roller garage door. A steel or aluminium section on either side of a roller door curtain holding and guiding the curtain up or down during operation and holding in place laterally

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The amount of height available inside a garage and above the supporting lintel. References to headroom are normally associated with dimensions required for roller or sectional doors as these have variable headroom requirements


A major manufacturer of garage doors, electric operators, industrial and commercial doors worldwide. UK base in Coalville, Leicestershire with over 20 years assembling and manufacturing. One of the widest ranges for all types of garage doors. German owned and renowned for quality and innovation in safety and style.

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A species of timber used for garage doors - plain, pale yellow to light brown coloured wood, sometimes relieved by a zonal figure originating in the growth rings, suggesting plain oak. The grain is straight to slightly irregular, and the texture is somewhat coarse and uneven. It is soft to medium hard and has excellent strength and durability. Offered in up and over and side hinged garage door mechanisms by Woodrite Doors.


In garage door terms, usually a double skinned, foam filled sandwich panel providing thermal and acoustic insulation and measured either as a panel specification or as a whole installed door up to a certain size. Insulated doors are becoming more popular for energy saving but also because they are stronger and generally more secure too often with far larger weatherstrips all round preventing gaps and therefore dust and leaf ingress.

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An overlay onto the exterior of a door panel to enable trendy or woodgrain effect finishes. Laminated foil coatings on garage doors are very tough and durable and offer greater flexibility in the woodgrain effects and some metallic effects too. usually only offered on double skinned steel or aluminium panel sections.


Term used to describe hinged door panels. You will have a hinged door leaf and also a reference to a slave or an active leaf, meaning the door panel usually opened first with the slave leaf being the one normally kept locked for the active leaf to close onto.


A horizontal support of timber, concrete, stone or steel across the top of a door or window opening. Most garages will have a steel lintel these days and this can either be a box section type or an I beam which has a hollow inset front and back which can require filling in for certain garage door mechanism to be able to fit to and be stable long term.

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German manufacturer of electric motors, access controls and electric operators for the door industry.

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German manufacturer of various garage door types and electric operators

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A hardwood timber species used extensively in construction. The timber used for garage doors tends t be engineered oak as natural oak is usually too heavy and unstable in large section such as in garage doors. It is a desirable timber due to its durability and attractive graining and colour

Opening Size

General reference to the dimensions in between the fixing sub frame for any type of garage door. The opening size quite often will not be the same as the actual drive through dimensions as parts of the mechanism or the door can restrict the final dimension when a door is fully open.

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Pedestrian Door

A single smaller hinged door, usually with its own fixing sub frame for persons to access a garage. Pedestrian door is sometimes called a pass door or even wicket door.

Personnel Door

As above, a smaller hinged door used for people to access a building.

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A term used for up and over doors when the door panel is lifted by arms and springs either side and the panel slides into the garage on horizontal rails. The term fully retractable is also common to describe the fact the door retracts all the way into the garage opening. Retractable doors are better for heavier and larger width up and over doors or where an electric operator is required.

Roller Door

A door constructed from individual slat sections made from steel or aluminium which roll around a barrel which is either spring loaded or motor driven. Some roller doors are manufactured from a continuous steel sheet and roll around a drum profile usually a bit larger than the individual slat type method. The roller door opens vertically and is usually purpose made to order

Round the Corner

A type of garage door description where the door slides horizontally across the garage opening and then turns to go around the internal corner of the garage and along the internal side wall. A door type which is great for larger openings or where a door which swings out is not appropriate such as in a mews type development.

Rundum Meir

A German manufacturer of round the corner garage doors in timber, steel and aluminium as well as sectional type overhead doors. Bespoke sizes and styles.

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Safety Edge

A leading edge on the bottom of any remote control electric roller type door where the safety edge is used to detect any obstacle by various methods to stop the roller door immediately and reverse. The safety edge is a legal requirement on any remote control roller garage door in the UK now with all other safety devices optional extras in addition to the safety edge detection system.

Sand grain

A type of external finish on a Hormann LPU40 sectional garage door with a rough textured surface finish similar to an eggshell.


A UK leading brand of high quality aluminium electric and manual roller garage doors. One of the first aluminium roller garage doors tone produced in the UK over 20 years ago and all elements always based on security as the manufacturer is also the leading manufacturer of security roller shutters in the UK.

Sectional Door

A door which is made up of individual sections and rises vertically in tracks to then curve and slide into the garage horizontally. Sometimes called a sectional overhead door these are becoming far more popular in the UK since 2010 and taking over from up and over doors as they offer far greater insulation, sealing and security over a basic up and over door.


A German manufacturer of electric garage door operators and accessories.

Side Hinged

A term used to describe traditional swing type garage doors where as the name suggests the door panel are hinged from the sides to open outwards or inwards in rare cases. Side hinged doors are available in almost any material for garage doors.


A term used by Carteck (Teckentrup) to describe their totally plain finished insulated sectional garage door in the GSW-40 range. The individual sectional panels have a totally smooth finish to the front face and the only design in the door comes from the dividing joins between each panel horizontally.


A French manufacturing company for electric tube motors used in roller shutter doors of all types, security shutters and rolling blinds. One of the largest in the world.

Standard Ribbed

A term used by Carteck (Teckentrup) to describe their GSW-40 sectional door design where there are 3 equally spaced horizontal lines in each of the sectional panels which look the same as the dividing line between each panel. The overall effect on a standard door height is usually about 15-16 horizontal lines. Surface finish options include smooth, woodgrain, micrograin and stucco. The Hormann equivalent is an S Ribbed LPU 40 design or a Linear Small in the Garador range.


Material most commonly used for up and over and sectional garage doors as well as modern entrance doors and side hinged doors too. It is strong, malleable and relatively inexpensive but does vary in quality considerably as well as thickness when used in steel panels so you will only get what you pay for with a steel door of any kind.

Sub Frame

A description generally used for the goalpost type surrounding frame for an up and over, side hinged or personnel door which can be in timber, aluminium or steel box section. A sub frame is essential to make the installation of the door to the structural opening and carry all the mechanism, weather seals and locking points. Sub frame dimensions can vary in size a lot so always check the size as it is often an additional dimension to the ordering sizes for the doors, but sometimes will be included depending upon the manufacturer and door type.

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A range of high quality steel front entrance doors from Hormann. These doors are highly insulated, sealed and secure compared to any other door in the price bracket and are fully assembled before delivery in the same factory. No lock assembly on site or sub frame assembly, the entire door, frame and furniture is factory assembled and tested.

ThermoPro Plus (THP) is an even further enhanced version of this door with a 65mm think main door panel and excellent U values offered.


A Hormann optional extra for the insulated sectional door range providing up to 12.5% better insulation values when fitted. It is a simple rubber sealing system to fit between the fixing frame and the structural opening material with a double lip seal around the sides and head section.

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One of the last manufacturers in the UK for GRP garage doors. Based in Verwood the doors are manufactured using traditional methods to offer a made to measure range of side hinged and up and over doors in wood effect or smooth finish designs with guaranteed resistance to rotting and degradation.


UK manufacturer of high quality timber garage doors in up and over or side hinged models. Doors are offered in either a traditional joinery made style or in a steel box section chassis style which offers greater resistance to warping and better security for the perimeter and enable the use of box section steel sub frame for easier fixing and better weather sealing. Woodrite offer various timber species for their doors - Cedar, Oak, Idigbo, Accoya and other specialist timber on request in standard and made to measure sizes.

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