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SeceuroGuard 1000 Steel Security Grilles
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Security Grilles Steel GEAR TYPE: Security Grilles

The Seceuroguard 1000 is a high quality collapsible security grille in made to measure sizes for discreet door and window security in either commercial or domestic applications. Ideal for internal installation in window recesses, doorways and any opening that requires a good level of security whilst retaining visibility.
The Seceuroguard security gate has several patented features and uses a key cylinder access set at 90 degrees to the operating face preventing the common practice of drillling out the key cylinder. 

The gate lattice is available in either the traditional 'X' lattice design or the softer 'S' lattice design at the same price.

Available in single or double sash options with a hinged aside option possible depending on size and requirements.

Keep intruders out whilst letting maximum light in. Perfect for vulnerable ground floor windows or doors.

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The Seceuroguard is available in 27 standard colours to co-ordinate with almost any colour scheme. Special colours can be ordered on application.

The unique locking angle for the security gate offers operation from either side of the gate if required and also ensures it is nearly impossible to drill the lock cylinder and break entry as it is nearly impossible to get the angle to do so. 

Optional bottom tracks for either door or window aperture. Hinge aside sashes for doorways or when you simply want the maximum opening achieved. The hinge aside is supplied with the hinged Lift Up Track as standard. If you require a lift out piece please select from the options 'Bottom Track Type'.

Essentially maintenance free with a wide range of colour options and a choice of lattice styles, classic appearance and convenience combine with the high levels of protection.

> Strong security barrier and deterrent

> Galvanised for corrosion resistance and powder coated

> Fully retractable system

> Excellent through-vision and ventilation when locked

> Multi-point locking (2 - 4 point) from a single key

> Smooth running carrier system ensures quick and easy operation

> Custom built for almost any opening

> An unlimited width can be accommodated in sections

> A floating sash version is available

> A fixed frame version is available when retraction of the gate is not required

Exceptionally strong, yet unobtrusive and stylish, the SeceuroGuard 1000 will transform the way you protect your property.

Domestic or commercial security for doors and windows.

Elegant good looks with a heart of steel - the SeceuroGuard 1000 Retractable Security Gate System combines a classic appearance with strength, making it an ideal security choice for the home.
Designed to keep intruders out while letting maximum light in, they are perfect for patio doors, French windows and any other vulnerable ground floor doors or windows. Gates can be left locked with doors open to provide ventilation without loss of security.
When not in use these retractable gates are surprisingly unobtrusive.
Fitted to the door or window surround, they can disappear neatly behind curtains and a pelmet can be used to conceal the top track.
The gates offer the option to remove the bottom guide track from the opening and sashes may be hinged to swing to the side at 90° or up to 27O° leaving French windows and doorways free from obstruction. (The hinge aside option requires a folding bottom track).
Essentially maintenance free, each SeceuroGuard 1000 is available in a range of powder coated colour options to complement your decor, and can also be supplied with optional decorative ‘S’ Profile lattices
Allowing maximum natural light into commercial premises, retractable gates fold to the sides of the window reveal when not required and can be concealed neatly behind vertical blinds to create a secure but pleasant working environment.
Office premises, staff and equipment are safely protected by an exceptionally
strong security barrier, manufactured from pre-galvanised rolled steel with multi point locking from a single key.
Offering security features which are particularly important on vulnerable ground floor windows and doors, the SeceuroGuard 1000 ensures excellent barrier security. Whilst the top hung ultra-smooth carrier system and nylon coated steel bearings also ensure it is quick and easy to open and close.
SeceuroGuard 1000 is essentially maintenance free and available in a broad
range of optional powder coated colours to complement corporate styling.

> Top hung on nylon coated steel bearings

> All galvanised steel construction

> Powder coating in a range of colours

> Fits within or around the reveal

> Multi-point locking from single key - 2 or 4 point. Key access set at 90 degrees to gate face to prevent access for drilling the cylinders

> Strong steel lattice with smooth durable finish

> Overlapped locking profiles

> Optional folding bottom track for trip free access

> Steel riveted lattice assembly system.

Installation Position

The installation position will indicate to us where to drill the framework for fixing. For face fitted grilles please be aware of the additional steel channel/box sections used and make sure you include them in the ordering dimensions. See Installation tab below for help.

Please note: Folding tracks with a length of 600 mm or more are supplied with a retaining pin as standard. This is located between 488 mm and 568 mm from the ground regardless of track length. The retaining pin projects 60 mm beyond the lock post when the track is lowered and 30 mm when raised. If the width of the gate is greater than the height check that there will be sufficient room for the bottom track to fold up into.

The Seceuroguard grille is always ordered with the Overall Width and Overall Height to include the framework and sash.

When ordering for a face fit installation, remember to add on the relevant sizes for sides, top and bottom track, plus any reinforcement sections to get to the ordering sizes.

seceuroguard retractable gate installation guide

The operation of the retractable security gate along with the finish of the fixing frame, sashes and tracks are guaranteed for a period of 2 years against faulty materials and workmanship.

The Seceuroguard retractable security grilles are ordered by their Overall Width and Overall Height - the maximum width and height including the grille and the surrounding frame section for fixing. You need to allow for any installation tolerance and take this into consideration. The prices are based enitrely on this dimension criteria.

If you require a Face Fit for either the top track or bottom track then you will need an additional steel section to allow the fixing without interfering with the sliding track system. if you choose face fitting this 20mm section will be added but we will clarify details with you before ordering.

For Reveal fitting (in between the structural opening) take each measurement in several places and use the smallest measurement.

Always measure your doorway or window in as many places as possible and take the smallest width if you are installing INBETWEEN the structural opening.

If you are installing to the inside or outside face of an opening then you add on the size of the 'stack' and order including this stack size so you clear the opening when retracted.

Bunch (sash) sizes for Seceuroguard retractable security grilles showing below.
Also please note the minimum size for having the option for 4 point locking is 1000mm high. Below that height it is only possible to have 2 point locking.

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Dimensions for measuring a Security grille

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