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Up and Over Door Overview

Up and Over Door Overview

An up and over garage door is the most recognisable type of garage door and is still one of the most popular types of door in the UK. This is due to these doors being the simplest and easiest option when replacing an existing up and over door, of which there are many. The operating mechanisms are smooth, and the door is secure when closed, offering excellent levels of security through the strength of the design. For standard size garage doors from stock, Hormann have the best offering. For a purpose made steel garage door then the Garador range is best, as they have the most modern techniques for manufacturing made to measure doors in the UK. When a steel up and over door is ordered with the optional steel sub frame you will have a sound and reliable garage door far better than any older type up and over door.

Up and over door canopy mechanism

Canopy Mechanism

Canopy Up and Over garage doors have the main garage door panel protruding about a third forward of the sub frame to form a canopy when opened fully.

The canopy type garage door is the most popular for when a smaller door is required and manually operated (although automation is often available). The lack of internal tracking is also useful to keep a garage neat and tidy and avoid internal obstacles like shelving, pipework or meters.

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Retractable mechanism up and over door

Retractable Mechanism

Retractable Up and Over garage doors are simply a one-piece garage door panel retracting fully into the garage when open. This is achieved by going back on horizontal tracks, with the lifting springs situated at either side of the door at low level.

The retractable up and over door is ideal for adding a remote control electric operator, and all doors over 8 feet wide (2438mm) will be on the retractable operating mechanism as standard. No cables involved, and practically maintenance free.

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Garador Guardian up and over garage door

Secured by Design

A range of super strong steel Up and Over doors that have been tested and approved with the prestigous 'Secured by Design' accreditation. The already secure Garador Guardian steel garage door has many uprated bracing bars, steel plates at key attack points, and extra locking points to provide a garage door where security is really important. The door is always supplied with a box section steel sub frame as standard for the security modifications to be effective.

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Design your own garage door

Design Your Own

If you cannot find the style of garage door you require anywhere, or need to match a specific architectural feature, then why not design your own?

The 'open for infill' steel up and over garage doors are available in standard or purpose made sizes, and are all factory prepared to have an infill laid into the chassis. This is normally timber, but can be almost any material to provide a blank canvas for you to truly design your own garage door.

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Purpose made garage doors

Purpose Made

Garage Doors Online offer one of the biggest ranges of high quality doors up and over doors in the UK with purpose made sizes available in steel, GRP and timber. If you do not have a standard size opening you will find a range of up and over doors all available in purpose made sizes to suit your requirements.

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Additional Information

A ten year guarantee is normal, and provides confidence in all aspects of the doors. Up and Over doors generally are manufactured up to a maximum of 5000mm wide and 3000mm high, however they are available in more limited styles and materials at the slightly larger sizes. The majority of Up and Over doors are only available up to about 4.3m wide and 2.2m high. For larger widths you are generally better looking at sectional doors.

In our online shop you will find a wide range of steel, timber and GRP garage doors, but there are more available in ranges offering more unique designs and larger sizes.

Please e-mail us or call for details or pricing on any up and over doors not showing in our online shop.


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