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Roller Door Overview

Seceuroglide roller garage doors

The roller shutter garage door has grown to such popularity here in the UK now that it is quite difficult to navigate through an ever increasing volume of brands and models, all being offered online and unfortunately all looking pretty similar to each other at first glance.

The roller garage door is universally adaptable to nearly all garages, hence its popularity, but with such popularity comes hidden dangers in supply.

The simple fact is there is a lot of differences between an £850 roller door and a £1,850 door which seems to look exactly the same and uses the generic and adopted term of ‘insulated electric aluminium’ roller door. Quality, safety, longevity, reliability and durability are all key features which won’t follow through unless the door is built to a minimum standard.

We constantly strive to make buying a roller garage door as easy and painless to order as possible, but we do have a lot of models to choose from for different applications and features. We know that every single roller garage door we offer online does comply to a minimum standard and also complies in every way with the current safety regulations which exist in the UK. We see many roller garage doors sold online that do not comply, which is a constant concern.

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Roller Door Slats from 77mm to single skin
1: Standard 77m roller door slat 2: Compact 55mm Roller Door Slat 3: Lower quality roller slat (not available from GDO) 4: Single Skin Continuous Curtain


Basic Single Skin Steel Roller Door

Made to measure in single and double widths up to 5m wide

Gliderol single skin roller door

Our single skin, continuous curtain, steel roller garage doors offer a great and simple solution when weather sealing and security are not your priority.

These roller doors offer fantastic value for money and have been sold successfully in the UK since the 1980’s either as manual or electric operation.Basic Single Skin Steel Roller Door Simple concept and forgiving on the installation, these are a roller door which will give years of trouble free operation and although the curtain roll is larger than the aluminium doors we do offer a ‘mini’ roll version as well in limited sizes.

Prefinished plastisol coated colours and made to measure for a perfect fit. 

NOTE: Can only be fitted behind an aperture or framework.

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Standard Insulated Aluminium Roller Door with 77mm Slats

Made to measure in single and double widths up to 5.5m wide

Standard Insulated Aluminium Roller Door with 77mm Slats

The current favourite roller door and standard for most garages. The 77mm double skinned, foam filled aluminium slat provides great strength and good insulation. The slats are usually between about 18 and 20mm thick, depending on the manufacturer and provide a great solution up to around 5.5m wide.

Remote control operation is standard and all the doors we offer have the most up to date safety detection systems as required for any remote operated electric door.
77mm Slats

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* We offer our own GDO roller door with either the simple wall switch control and hold to run logis, or remote control operation with relevant safety edge.

* After many years of selling garage doors we now see that more than half our customers don’t really need remote control and a wall switch inside or a key switch outside is perfectly adequate and often preferred.

* Emergency manual override is included as standard on all doors.

* A great and wide range of finished colours and all doors are made to measure to the millimetre.

Indoor hold to run rocker switch
Indoor hold to run rocker switch
External hold to run key switch
External hold to run key switch
Genesis Control Unit internal hold to run unit
Genesis Control Unit internal hold to run unit


Compact Insulated Aluminium Roller Door with 55mm Slats

Made to measure in single widths only up to 3m wide

Compact Insulated Aluminium Roller Door with 55mm Slats

A solution when you have little or no headroom and your garage width is a single width size.

The Compact solution offers a smaller 55mm double skinned, foam filled, aluminium slat and the total hood cover is never more than 205mm square, giving you the best chance of a decent drive through height when opened. 

close up of 55mm Slats

Remote control is available as well as the hold to run button control options and all doors have the relevant safety features where required and a manual override included. Made to measure as standard and a choice of colours.

Don’t ever get misguided by thinking you have to have one of these doors because you don't have much headroom in your garage. Even without enough headroom, the 77mm roller doors are still an option, but you simply lose a little more drive through height when opened fully.


Higher Specification Premium Insulated Roller Doors

Made to measure in single and double widths up to 6m wide

Security Rated Aluminium Roller DoorsConstructed from the very best 77mm double skinned aluminium slats and electric operated as standard, we offer models which include patented locking devices in the barrel design and additional security reinforcements in all crucial attack points. A higher specification includes the use of patented webbing to the sides of the curtain for the very quietest operation and larger guides for extra strength and security too. Peace of mind and a great specification all round for a roller door which is made to measure and electric operated with a 5 - 7 year guarantee.






Security Rated Aluminium Roller Doors

Made to measure in single and double widths up to 5.2 wide

Secured by design police accreditationTake the high specification roller doors and improve the weakest areas and then test to certified standards and you have an accredited and certified electric roller door. Offered with a ‘Secure by Design’ accreditation and LPS1175 level 1 certification, you buy the best peace of mind for a roller garage door which will protect your assets inside and your home if your garage is integrated. The higher specified models also often have far longer warranty periods, simply because of the standards the doors are built to. 


Manual Operated Insulated Aluminium Roller Doors

Made to measure in single widths up to 3m wide

For a small percentage of garages, without electricity, or you simply don't want electric operation, we do offer a limited range of manual operated, spring assisted, aluminium, double skinned roller doors.

The cost saving isn’t as you might imagine as the door requires additional strength in the locking sections, the locking system itself added and a spring balancing system incorporated for the door to operate smoothly by the user.

Made to measure in single sizes and plenty of colours to choose from this does offer a simple manual roller door with the benefits of insulated aluminium slats.




Smart Premium Insulated Aluminium Roller Doors 

Smart Premium Insulated Aluminium Roller Doors We have a new range of ‘smart’ controlled roller shutter garage doors coming very shortly to our website.

You can already buy such roller doors, but we aim to simplify the process and show you what other benefits you can get from having an electric roller garage door prespecified to link in with many other external products which enhance your security, convenience and lifestyle.










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