Carteck Insulated Side Hinged Garage Doors

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Carteck Insulated Side Hinged Doors

Carteck Insulated Side Hinged Doors

The Carteck double skinned insulated steel side hinged garage doors offer fantastic security and excellent insulation for any garage. They are a double skinned, 40mm thick, steel construction, fully finished and pre fitted into an aluminium sub frame ready for easy on site installation. All the doors are made to order to your exact measurements for the best fit and best use of the garage opening.

If you use your garage for an office, workshop, gym, playroom or simply need to insulate and seal the garage as it is an integral part of the house and losing a lot of heat and also letting in far too much dirt, then these side hinged doors are absolutely ideal. (please note the optional threshold is required for a seal on the bottom and onto a level surface).

Matching Insulated Pedestrian Doors are also available to order, view in our online shop now >

The door panels are set into an aluminium chassis and then factory fitted to an aluminium fixing sub frame for the very easiest on site installation. Everything is ready to go from delivery!
The 40mm double skinned steel panels are of the highest quality and provide great strength along with insulation against sound, cold and heat.

The outer fixing sub frame is a box section aluminium construction and along with the rebated top and sides of the panels create a great seal against weather whilst providing enhanced security levels. The hinged doors are all made to measure to the millimetre with the ordering size and prices derived from the overall width and height of the doors with the sub frame included in the dimensions.

The doors will be delivered with almost everything already factory fitted for the very easiest on site installation and removing the need to 'hang' the door leaves separately to the sub frame, often a skill required by a carpenter. The door leaves have already been set up in the factory and all that is required is the sub frame is fixed to the building structure, there are adjustments possible with the outer frame and keep for the lock as well as the bottom keep for the floor bolt.

Carteck Insulated Side Hinged Doors are available in either 50/50 split or Asymmetric split.

carteck side hinged 50/50 split

50/50 split

carteck side hinged asymmetric split

Asymmetric split

Carteck Side Hinged Doors are supplied in Traffic White embossed woodgrain on the outside as standard and grey white embossed woodgrain on the inside (RAL 9002).
The inside face of the door panels are vesy easy to keep clean and have no unsightly bracing bars and locking mechanisms.

The side hinged doors are available in different door texture finishes - woodgrain, smooth, stucco and micro profile. Overview below...

All Carteck side hinged doors are factory fitted with a fully finished aluminium fixing sub frame to make installation easy and precise with tight tolerances where the door hinges and closes.
The doors are all made to order to ensure a perfect fit and maximise the width and height of your garage opening.
The frame is finished in the same colour as the door panel colour chosen.
These doors are supplied as right or left hand leading door leaf (viewed from outside looking in) and you choose this when ordering with us.

Lipped Threshold - For an improved weather protection a stepped aluminium threshold with a bulb weather strip is available as an optional extra. The door leaves close against the raised weather strip creating an improved barrier to dust and debris. The threshold includes a thermal break reducing heat transfer.

High Quality Hinges - Aluminium hinges with secured hinge bolts to make it extremely difficult to lever open the door and are easily adjusted. 2 or 3 hinges are fitted to each leaf dependant on size.

Stainless Steel Handles - High grade stainless steel handles and lock covers are tough and attractive.

Double seals and mitred corners - In addition to the circumferential seal around the door leaf the door frame has a three sided seal for excellent draught reduction. Profiles are mitre jointed for a neat finish.

Door stays - Protecting your door from slam closure on windy days these top grade, spring dampened stays hold the door securley in the open position.

Flush bolt security - The inactive leaf is secured with flush bolts to the top and bottom of the leaf.

Hardware - DIN standard CE marked European sash lock and a pair of stainless steel round bar lever handles on 50mm diameter roses. A Euro profile cylinder and thumb turn with stainless steel escuthcheons is included as standard (double cylinder, key both sides is available as an option if required). The inactive leaf is fitted with top and bottom recessed lever action flush bolts. A stay is fitted to each leaf to hold the door in the open position.

Security Keys - All Carteck Side Hinged Doors are supplied with 2 security keys per door. The Security Keys add extra security by preventing unauthorised copying. They cannot be cut by anyone other than the issuer of the key - Carteck (Teckentrup).

Aluminium Windows - high-grade Aluminium window designs from the Teckentrup Bling Range!

Side Hinged Door designs with design elements
The windows options are priced per window and can be in alternative window configurations.

LED Lighting is also available*
*only with frosted glass.

The option to add LED lights within the units creates a beautiful ambience.

For an "always on" option, lights must be used in conjunction with a 220 or 300 series Carteck Motor. For up to 10 hours on, lights must be used in conjunction with Carteck Drive.

Decals are also available, please ask for more details.

Optional Extras: Letter boxes, spy holes and code lock can also be purchased.

Polyurethane Windows - scratch resistant, 20mm double glazed, easy-clean windows in lots of attractive designs to allow natural light into your garage.

Each style is available with clear, frosted or satin glazing.

Window units are fitted with a polyurethane frame that is colour matched or compliment the panel colour of the door.

standard window designs for Carteck side hinged
above are some of the window designs available

centre ribbed georgian solid standard ribbed
Centre Ribbed Georgian Solid Standard Ribbed


The ordering and pricing process is simple -

Take the Overall Width and Height INCLUDING the fixing sub frame.  (See below:)

measuring for insulated side hinged garage doors carteck insulated side hinged garage doors


It really is that simple.... The doors are ordered by their Overall dimensions and therefore you should allow whatever tolerance you feel is appropriate to the aperture you are installing into. We would recommend a minium of 10mm all round is taken off the structural opening sizes to allow the door and frame to be positioned and installed. You may want to be tighter than this depending how square the opening is and whether it is a rough stone or brick opening.
Call or email for further details on this door and other doors we offer if you are not sure....

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