Roller Door Sizes and Prices Guide

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Roller Door Sizes and Prices Guide

You may have already discovered that roller garage doors are one of the most popular garage doors on the internet and of course, everyone has the best and cheapest model to offer. We always point out to anyone researching on the internet – ‘If it looks too good to be true it probably is’, and for roller doors this is very true.

The principle of a roller door is simple enough, with either individual slats joined together or a continuous steel sheet rolling around a barrel to go up or down vertically, but the truth is there are far more moving parts than any other garage door, and if any part of this door type uses cheaper, inferior parts, then the chance of problems occurring is likely.

There are two types of roller garage door in the UK: a basic steel roller door with a continuous steel single sheet which rolls around itself, and an aluminium roller door using individual double walled slats with a foam core infill. The latter offers some insulation and a far stronger resistance to forcing.

Although there are a lot of manufacturers and brands who's roller doors all look very similar, there are some big differences in the slat quality and strength.

GarageDoorsOnline have years of experience with roller doors, and we only offer the doors which can be easily fitted and have the least issues over time with the highest levels of security and durability.

Made to Measure as Standard
All the roller garage doors we offer online are purpose made in width and height for the best fit possible when ordering. There is no extra cost for this or extra time in delivery.

The same also applies to the range of security roller shutters that we supply.

As roller doors are all made to measure then the prices are based on width and height bands.

All you need to do is work out the size you require and then in our online shop for any of the brands you choose the nearest size on or above the size you need and specify the exact size afterwards.

Example: You need a Seceuroglide roller door with an Overguide Width of 2420mm wide and a Guide Height of 2150mm. Choose the ‘up to 2500mm’ in the width drop down and the ‘up to 2200mm’ in the height drop down and the price will automatically be shown with the option now to place the exact dimensions required if you are ordering online

Sizing for Single Skin Steel Doors
For the Gliderol steel roller doors, the sizes are expressed as the OVER CURTAIN WIDTH, which is a slightly strange measurement but an industry standard for this door.

The guides either side have their dimension and the curtain is sliding in these guides with an overlap on what would be the inbetween guide width.

In basic terms, these types of roller doors are ordered and priced by the curtain width and the guide height; you have to make sure you allow for the guide fixing lugs, support brackets for the curtain and the actual roll of the curtain above the guides. All these dimensions will vary depending whether it is a single or double size door and some variance depending on the height of the door too. The higher the door then the larger the curtain roll will be when rolled up so more headroom will be necessary to accommodate.

Gliderol Series A








































Sizing for Double Skin Aluminium Roller Doors
There are 2 sizing and pricing methods with these doors depending on the chosen manufacturer.
You have either roller doors operated by internal electric tube motors or external electric motors driving with the assistance of a spring balance on the other side.

For the Seceuroglide, Gliderol and Samson roller doors, the sizing, ordering and pricing is by the OVERALL WIDTH including the chosen side guides and the GUIDE HEIGHT without the size of the curtain roll which varies depending on the height ordered. These are always ordered in millimetres.

Seceuroglide Insulated Roller Door Diagram

For Hormann and Garador roller doors, the sizing, ordering and pricing is always by the INBETWEEN guide width (the daylight opening) and the GUIDE HEIGHT without the curtain roll and hood cover included, and again this varies depending on the door height. These are always ordered in millimetres.

Hormann Rollmatic Aluminium Roller Door

A roller door is the most versatile of garage door types because you can specify almost any size at all and ensure you have a functioning door whether it is fitted inside the opening, inbetween or even outside (with optional hood cover).
The compact nature of the curtain and the fact you only ever need the side guides, which can be anything from 60mm wide to 100mm wide, means this door type has ultimate versatility in the way it is fitted to any structure. 

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