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Hormann Timber Garage Doors

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Hormann Timber Garage Doors

Hormann Timber Garage Doors

Hormann Timber Garage Door

Hormann Series 2000 timber garage doors offer the very best of both worlds - a sturdy, galvanised steel sub frame infilled with the very best cedarwood timber to create a timber garage door with the very best operating mechanism and guaranteed longevity. The doors are treated with a clear base coat stain as standard and are all available in either canopy or retractable gear up to 8 feet wide and then retractable gear only up to the largest double width sizes.

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The main material used for these hand built door panels is cedarwood, with its finely figured grain and variation in colour. Whatever the style of your property, traditional or modern architecture, the Hormann styles of timber doors in either panelled or tongued and grooved design, offer you the choice to find a style that will add warmth and character to your home.
The strength of a Hormann timber up and over door comes from the high quality box section galvanised steel chassis the door itself is initially constructed from. Even without the timber boarding or panelling the Hormann chassis can operate as a functional door (albeit a draughty one!) - the chassis is braced and the locking and operating mechanism works from the steel section parts of the door, the timber is merely the design part that is good to look at. 

Timber garage doors from sustainable sources

 As a matter of policy and in support of conservation, the cedarwood used is only obtained from properly managed forest sources where there is a continuous replanting process.

Attention to detail and high quality joinery are the hallmarks of Hörmann Series 2000 timber doors. Each hand-crafted panel is secured into our open-for-infill leaf frame. This is to ensure stability and to keep all working parts acting on steel components, avoiding stress on the timber panel thus giving many years of trouble free operation.

All the Hormann timber garage doors are also available with a Sikkens microporous wood stain treatment from the factory to ensure proper decoration from the day of installation. This is an extra cost option in our online shop

Fully finished timber colours 
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