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Garador Georgian Side Hinged Steel Side hinged
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Side hinged Steel GEAR TYPE: Side Hinged

The Garador Georgian steel side hinged doors combine robust and reliable performance with quick and simple access.
They are constructed from single skin galvanised steel to offer low maintenance  side hinged dooors perfect for any garage entered often on foot.

These doors are fitted with a lever handle inside and out, providing users with easy access at all times. For added security, the option of an outside knob is available.


Alternative Option - GDO Georgian Side Hinged

  • Due to availability of the Garador
  • Side Hinged Doors.
  • We can recommend looking at the
  • GDO Side Hinged Doors for alternatives.
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The Garador traditional side hinged doors combine robust and reliable performance with simple personal access.

The Georgian is a 12 panelled pressed steel design and a 50/50 split.

Please Note: The doors are shown as 50/50 door split.

Up to 2234mm overall frame width these doors are also available as a 1/3-2/3 door configuration.

Prices are the same but please be aware panel configuration on Georgian, Beaumont and Cathedral doors will have three pressing columns with increased spacing between the pressing (1/3-2/3 is a term used to describe these doors but please note the 1/3 door leaf is always 800mm wide with the 2/3 element varying to make the desired overall width. 1/3 leaf is always leading.

Domestic garage doors

Standard powdercoat factory finish is white inside and out. A steel sub fixing frame is factory fitted as standard and finished to the same colour as the door panels.

For added security these doors are fitted with a black nylon knob on the outside as standard meaning you always require the key to open the door (at extra cost). A range of lever handle options are available at a surcharge.

Side hinged doors come with equal sized door leaves, the right hand leaf leading is (viewed from outside) as standard. Left hand leaf leading (viewed from outside) is optional.

The order sizes refer to the nearest imperial inside dimensions of the steel sub frame and you simply add 120mm to the width and 60mm to the height for the overall frame dimensions. i.e. 8' x 7' door size is 2419 plus 120mm and 2136 plus 60mm to give overall frame dimensions of 2539 x 2196.

The following powdercoat colour finishes are available:

White RAL 9016 as standard

Terra Brown RAL 8028

Blue RAL 5005

Steel Blue RAL 5011

Moss Green RAL 6005

Red RAL 3003

Black RAL 9005

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

Clay Brown RAL 8003

Fir Green RAL 6009

Light Grey RAL 7035

Light Ivory RAL 1015

Pigeon Blue RAL 5014

Stone Grey RAL 7030

Window Grey RAL 7040

Golden Brown

Chartwell Green

Burgundy Brown

BS 13241 Compliant - All Garador garage doors comply with the latest European safety standards.

The Benefits of a Garador Georgian side hinged door:

> Both doors open outwards providing unrestricted space within the garage
> Constructed from high grade galvanised steel
> Weather strips around 3 sides of the door to help prevent draughts
> Shoot bolt latch at top and bottom of door for security
> Centre style helps prevent forced entry to locking system

Installation Instructions are provided with every door.


Warranty Period
The purchaser is granted a warranty covering the safe and reliable function of the Garador garage door for a period of 10 years* from the date of purchase The warranty period for replacement parts is 6 months or to the end of the current warranty period, which ever is longer. The door mechanism and steel frame (if applicable) is covered by the 10 year* warranty period 
Warranty claims are only applicable in the country where the garage door was purchased. The warranty only covers damage to the contract object. The fully completed warranty card together with the receipt of purchase correspondingly dated substantiates your right to claim under the warranty.
During the warranty period we undertake to rectify any and all defects to the Garador product which can be proved to be attributed to a material or manufacturing fault. We pledge at our discretion either to exchange the defective merchandise for faultless merchandise, repair it or allow a reduction in price. We do not accept costs for dismantling and installation nor for carriage. Replaced parts become property of Garador Ltd

The warranty does not cover damage caused through: -

normal wear and tear
improper installation
negligent care and maintenance
improper initial and subsequent operation
negligent or wanton destruction
external influences such as fire, water, salts, alkaline solutions, acids,
abnormal environmental Influences
mechanical damage through Improper transport and fitting
priming and other surface protection treatments
incorrect or too late applied surface protection treatments
repair by non-qualified persons
using non-Garador parts without the approval of the manufacturer
removal of the product number or making it unidentifiable


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