Garador Steel Side Hinged Garage Doors

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Garador Steel Side Hinged Doors

Side hinged steel garage doorsGarador produce a range of galvanised steel side hinged garage doors complete with factory fitted steel fixing sub frame at very competitive prices for such a high quality product.

The side hinged steel door range consists of four designs, plus one design available with optional windows. Each door is split in a 50/50 configuration, and the leading door is always the right hand leaf as viewed from outside but you can change this if required for a small extra charge. A 2/3rd and 1/3rd split is also available on some door designs.

The doors are factory powder coated white as standard but can be ordered in a range of optional standard colour finishes as shown below on an extended delivery time, usually about four weeks from order but please check if time is critical.

The doors are also available in standard or purpose made sizes as required, and are always supplied with a factory fitted steel sub frame already fitted and ready to install.

The main advantage with these side hinged doors is that they are delivered with the steel fixing frame and all the hinges and locks factory fitted ready for easy on site installation. Hanging a pair of side hinged doors has traditionally been a skilled carpentry job and these doors remove a lot of the time and skills required in installation, saving money and problems with hanging.

Garador traditional side-hinged doors provide robust and consistently reliable performance with easy personal access. For security purposes, these doors are fitted with a lever on the outside as standard, however upgrade options are available for other lever & knob handles for ease of use, which means you always require a key to open the door.

Side-hinged doors are produced with equal sized leaves with the right hand leaf the leading leaf as standard. Different leaf configurations and/or left hand leading doors are available on request. There are four variations of designs for the Garador Steel Side Hinged range available in a selection of different colours from the RAL chart.

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Door Designs

gardor beaumont side hinged


garador beaumont with windows side hinged

Beaumont with windows

garador carlton side hinged


garador cathedral side hinged


garador georgian side hinged


Side Hinged Door Colour Choices

Garador Steel Side Hinged Doors are available in a range of Colours, Handles and Windows. These are shown below: This range of colours are taken from the RAL colour chart to allow you to individualise your door. The standard factory finish is white RAL 9016; other colours available for an additional charge and may increase delivery time.

Colour Choices

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Clay Brown

Clay Brown

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Fir Green

Fir Green

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Golden Brown

Golden Brown

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Jet Black

Jet Black

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Light Grey

Light Grey

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Light Ivory

Light Ivory

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Moss Green

Moss Green

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Chartwell Green

Chartwell Green

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Pigeon Blue

Pigeon Blue

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Burgundy Brown

Burgundy Brown

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Ruby Red

Ruby Red

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Signal Blue

Signal Blue

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Steel Blue

Steel Blue

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Stone Grey

Stone Grey

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Terra Brown

Terra Brown

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Slate Grey RAL 7015

Slate Grey

Garador Side Hinged Doors - Window Grey

Window Grey


Side Hinged Door Handles

There are also two optional choices of lever handle options available at a surcharge. Black lever handle comes as standard. For added security, the option of an outside knob is available.

Garador Chrome Handle

Chrome Handle

Garador White Handle

White Handle

Outside Knob Handle

Outside Knob Handle


Windows are becoming increasingly more popular in both the British and European garage doors. This is because during the summer months when the sun is out longer, you don't need to waste money on electricity to light your garage when the natural glow from the sun does it for free!

These window options below are only available on the Beaumont style door and the actual glazing is either clear or crystal polycarbonate.

Garador side hinged standard window


garador side hinged steel diamond window


garador steel window frame crossed


Ordering Sizes

The Garador steel side hinged standard size doors are ordered using the internal imperial frame size as the order size. The overall door and frame size is always bigger of course. A chart at the bottom of this page shows the exact sizes using imperial measurements for ordering the doors, and the metric exact sizes of the overall width and height including the steel sub frame.

For purpose made door sizes the overall door and steel sub frame dimensions are used, so beware when ordering!

Always allow for a fitting tolerance when fitting inbetween a structural garage opening as you cannot reduce a steel frame like you can a timber frame, we would recommend about 10mm either side and on the height too. Garador produce the door and the sub fixing frame together and everything is preassembled before delivery, reducing dramatically the time for installation on site.

The sub frame also has built in weather seals to further enhance the protective properties when closed.

Remember: we can also supply purpose made door sizes when required for a perfect fit, they are all available to order in our online shop >

This traditional door set up offers convenience and added privacy over an Up & Over door where full width access is not generally required. Built onto its own steel frame, these doors open outwards providing clear and unrestricted space within the garage with no internal mechanism required.

Garador side hinge high security lock

High Security Lock with fixed knob ensuring security every time the door is closed.

Garador side hinge internal handle

Internal handle providing easy operation.

Garador side hinge steel hinges

Steel Hinges securely fixed to each frame and door leaf ensuring reliable function.


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Standard Garador steel side hinged doors are ordered using imperial references which effectively are the nearest rounded imperial size for the width and height using the internal sub frame dimensions. The imperial size references ARE NOT EXACT and the table below shows the millimetre dimensions for the most important sizes. As the doors re always supplied with a steel box section fixing sub frame then the overall dimensions including this frame are probably the most important especially as nearly all side hinged doors are installed in the reveal of an opening (inbetween).

Do not forget to allow for a tolerance on the width and height dimensions, usually about 5mm all round but up to individual requirements and how straight and true the structural opening is.

Order Size
Internal Frame Size
(Width x Height)
Overall Door & Frame Size
(Width and Height)
6060 1780 x 1806 1930 x 1890
6660 1934 x 1806 2084 x 1890
6664 1934 x 1907 2084 x 1991
6666 1934 x 1957 2084 x 2041
6670 1934 x 2112 2084 x 2196
7060 2084 x 1806 2234 x 1890
7064 2084 x 1907 2234 x 1991
7066 2084 x 1957 2234 x 2041
7070 2084 x 2112 2234 x 2196
7564 2209 x 1907 2359 x 1991
7566 2209 x 1957 2359 x 2041
7570 2209 x 2112 2359 x 2196
7664 2234 x 1907 2384 x 1991
7666 2234 x 1957 2384 x 2041
7670 2234 x 2112 2384 x 2196
8064 2389 x 1907 2539 x 1991
8066 2389 x 1957 2539 x 2041
8070 2389 x 2112 2539 x 2196


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