Gliderol Roller Door Continuous Steel Curtain (14 Colour Options) Roller door single skin garage door Steel Gliderol

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Gliderol Roller Door Continuous Steel Curtain (14 Colour Options) Steel Roller door - single skin
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Roller door - single skin Steel GEAR TYPE: Roller Shutter

The Gliderol roller door is a space efficient door with a continuous sheet roll. The single skin structure gives it a lightweight feel which makes it easy to use.

  • Manual or Remote Control Electric options
  • Easy DIY installation and lightweight, single skin curtain
  • Made to measure for the perfect fit
  • Safety obstacle detection as standard for electric door option
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Key Features:

Minimal maintenance - No oiling or greasing, just an occasional clean of the guides with white spirit and the door surface with warm soapy water.
Easy to operate -
Easy to open and close with minimum noise and friction giving reliable performance at all times.
Installation -
Requires no frame so enables the maximum possible opening width for the wider vehicle. Door sits behind the brickwork so can be fitted in arched and unusual garage door openings.
Locking -
The double-sided locking system is operated from the central handle and locks from both the inside and outside of the door (manual doors only), unless locking is requested for automated doors.
Weatherseal -
Durable weatherseal on the underside of the door prevents leaves and other undesirable materials entering your garage from outside.
Safety -
The door reverses automatically should the downward movement of the door be restricted.
Space saving -
Rolls up vertically and does not swing out in front of the garage. You can park right up to the door and have more storage space in the roof of the garage.
Quiet Operation -
Noise is reduced as the motor is housed entirely within the roll of the door giving a quiet and smooth performance.
Security -
Unique profile and aluminium bottom rail reinforce Gliderol roller doors against intruder penetration.

All Gliderol doors and operators are CE approved and marked.

Gliderol technical information


Low security domestic garages

For higher levels of security see the Seceuroglide double skinned aluminium roller door range

Gliderol Roller Doors come with a bottom weatherseal as standard to prevent leaves and other materials entering your garage.

The Gliderol Roller Doors are finished in a plastisol coating, which is hardwearing, durable and do not require any extra painting.

Colour Options available: -
Van Dyke Brown
Olive Green
Racing Green
Navy Blue
Goosewing Grey
Merlin Grey
Anthracite Grey
Ocean Blue
Mushroom BS10B19
Chartwell Green

External wireless keypad
For operating the door without the transmitter, this is an easy item to install and set up. Simply screw to the wall nearby and set up the coding to operate the roller door using a 4 digit code chosen by yourself, which can be easily changed whenever required.

Surface mounted keyswitch
Another useful accessory for access control without a transmitter. This single pole keyswitch is provided with 3 keys and will require hardwiring back to the control box internally. The operation is by a single impulse in either direction.

Windlock Guides
For extra security against potential forced entry or high wind exposure on larger doors the Windlock option is available. This option locks the curtain roll into the side guides but does require slightly more side room to accomodate the track width.
You need to allow 140mm either side of the structural opening to accomodate the Windlock option. Headroom required is the same as all the other doors.
Example: brickwork opening width is 2250mm then add 140mm x 2 which equals 2530mm (required size internally)

***PLEASE NOTE: A central lock is not supplied on automated doors as standard. Should a lock be required, please state at time of ordering.

External Manual Release:
This is required if you have no other entry into your garage.
The External Manual Release allows access into your garage in case of a power failure. It works as a simple key switch which connects via a cable to a pin on the side of the motor, upon pulling it will disengage the motor to allow manual operation of the door. This is an optional extra.

Glidermatic GRD Operator: -
The Glidermatic GRD Remote Control Operator is very easy to use and opens the door smoothly and quietly. The operator allows you to open and close the roller door by the means of a compact hand transmitter or a wall mounted control box in the garage.
Glidermatic GRD (Heavy Duty Motor)  - for sizes (up to): 3760mm x 1200mm, 3760mm x 2135mm, 3760mm x 2440mm, 4370mm x 1200mm, 4370mm x 2135mm, 4521mm x 1200mm & 5000mm x 1200mm.
Glidermatic GRD (Dual Motor) - for sizes (up to): 3760mm x 2740mm, 3760mm x 3055mm, 4370mm x 2440mm, 4370mm x 2740mm, 4370mm x 3055mm, 4521mm x 2135mm, 4521mm x 2440mm, 4521mm x 2740mm, 4521mm x 3055mm, 5000mm x 2135mm, 5000mm x 2440mm, 5000mm x 2740mm & 5000mm x 3055mm.

Sufficiently large sizes require the Dual Motor as they exceed the specified weight load of the Heavy Duty Motor:

3360mm x heights over 2440mm
4060mm x heights over 2440mm
4370mm x heights over 2135mm
4521mm x heights over 1200mm
5003mm x heights over 1200mm

Safety: The roller door will reverse automatically if the downward movement of the door is restricted.

Additional transmitters:
The remote control transmitters are an optional extra.
Up to 10 transmitters can be used with each Glidermatic motor.
You do not have to worry about the risk of another handset using the same code as the remote handset uses a different code from one of two billion after every operation.
You can buy a Handset Cradle or a Hand Transmitter Sun Visor Clip which can either be fixed to the wall in your home or clipped to your car sun visor. Both of these are optional extras and are available to buy in the accessories shop. 

• Domestic/Residential use - 10 years corrosion free on door panel excludes paint surface rubbing or fading. (Mini Roller door has 1 year total warranty cover).
1 year on the lock and face plate, spring, bottom roller, weatherseal and polyglide, if fitted by an authorised Gliderol Distributor or Gliderol Technician.
3 month warranty on spring tension.
• Industrial/Commercial use - 1 year on the lock and face plate, spring, bottom roller, weatherseal and polyglide, if fitted by an authorised Gliderol Distributor or Gliderol Technician. 3 month warranty on spring tension.
The manufacturer strongly recommends that all Gliderol products be serviced by an authorised Gliderol Distributor or Gliderol Technician every 12 months to ensure longevity of the products’ life. Failure to do this may result in any warranty being invalid.
Warranties of 2 years electrical, 5 years tubular motors, 6 years mechanical and 10 years paint finish apply to all Gliderol doors (except Mini Roller
Doors see above).
Garage doors should be inspected upon installation and viewed in natural daylight (not direct sunlight) from a standard distance of 3 metres to view their overall appearance. From this distance the door panel should appear free from visible marks or distortion, stains, blemishes, indentations or scuffs.
Only marks visible from a distance of more than 3 metres will be considered under warranty.
Warranty Conditions
1. Subject to the under mentioned specific limitations and exceptions, the Manufacturer warrants all new doors, motors and electronic components of its
manufacture to be free from defect in workmanship under normal use and service and further warrants all installation carried out by the Manufacturer or by its nominated installers to be free from defects and workmanship its obligations hereunder being limited to making good any such defect PROVIDED THAT notice of any claimed defect in material workmanship in or resulting from installation of any door shall have been given to the Manufacturer within the period from date of installation as prescribed in the schedule hereto.
2. This warranty does not apply to any defect, loss or damage arising or caused directly or indirectly by or as a result of;
(i) Any masonry rendered or other surfaces cracking or collapsing during installation of the door.
(ii) Any defect or deterioration of timber including drying out after installation.
(iii) Any weakening or collapse of the structure to which the doors are affixed occurring any time after installation.
(iv) Any damage to or deterioration in the condition of the doors occurring in transit by customer nominated or appointed carrier or occurring after delivery and prior to installation.
(v) Any defect (including defects in component parts or accessories) rising from or attributable to the failure to carry out normal preventive maintenance or adjustment.
(vi) To any additional defect damage or deterioration arising from or attributable to the operation of the door after it is known to be defective.
(vii) Any door being installed within 800 metres of the sea or other body of water of equivalent or greater salt concentration or in an area subject to industrial fall out.
(viii) Any fault or surge in customer’s electricity supply.
(x) The door striking an immovable object during travel.
(xi) Garage doors should be inspected upon delivery and viewed in natural light (not direct sunlight) from a standard distance of 3 metres to view their overall appearance. From this distance the door panel should appear free from marks or distortion, stains, blemishes, indentations or scuffs. If any marks are only visible within 3 metres they will not be considered under warranty.
3. Items excluded from warranty;
(i) Batteries
(ii) Fuses
(iii) Globes
(iv) Sensitivity adjustments
(iiv) Minor factory repairs
4. While Gliderol doors are long lasting and hard wearing under normal conditions this warranty does not extend to inherent defects in steel or other material used in the manufacture. The Manufacturer will however, procure and assign to the customer the benefit of the warranty of the manufacturer of the steel or other material.
5. If Manufacturer has at request of customer procured painting, powder-coating or other surface application to its product this warranty does not extend to such painting, powder-coating or other surface application. For this purpose Manufacturer at all times acts as agent of customer. Manufacturer may as a
service to the customer but without any legal obligation to do so, assist customer to obtain redress in respect of any defect.
6. The Manufacturer reserves the right to touch up on site the paint finish and or pre-painted surfaces on its range of garage doors but no responsibility will be taken for the possibility of any paint rubs, scuffing etc on the internal wash coat finish or external painted surface.
7. Proof of purchase MUST be provided to the manufacturer at time of warranty claim. If proof is not available any warranty may be invalid.

The Ordering Width refers to the total width of the roller door curtain including the side guides and these side guides are 25mm wide each on single width doors and 50mm wide each on double width doors.
The Ordering Height refers to the height of the steel side guides NOT including the curtain roll above this height.

Gliderol Series A Roller Measuring Guide

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