Up and Over Doors Size and Price Guide

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Up and Over Size and Price Guide

Up and Over Size and Price Guide

Up and Over Sizes and Pricing Guide

Up and Over type garage doors are mostly ordered and priced by the size of the internal dimensions of the sub frame in which the one piece door panel fits. Therefore the door panel is always smaller so it can move through the sub frame when opening and closing.

HOWEVER!! It is important to realise even in these modern days of millimetres many manufacturers still use imperial measurements for sizes and pricing AND under closer scrutiny many doors will not be exactly as the width or height describes. So, for example if you order a 7’0” x 7’0” steel up and over door from say, Hormann, then the 7’0” width (which is 2134mm) is not the panel size or the steel sub frame internal width size, it is the nearest rounded imperial size dimension and the same applies to the height. A lot of this is historical in the UK like some other building product size references.

The upshot of realising that up and over door sizes are not super accurate is to realise that if you are installing the door INBETWEEN your structural opening then the critical sizes are in fact the door and the sub frame combined - the Overall Width and Overall Height.

These sizes can vary depending on the steel sub frame size chosen in some cases.

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Up and over garage door with canopy operating gear Up and over garage door with retractable operating gear

Replacing an Existing Door
If you are replacing an up and over door and leaving the existing timber sub frame in place then you should measure inbetween the timber frame legs and from floor to the timber head and these become your order sizes. Most people replacing a door will replace the sub frame however so most people us a steel sub frame because it is less money and more secure as doors supplied with steel sub frames will have tighter tolerances between the door panel and frame which is why the measurements are not quite the same as you may read in a price list.

Exceptions to Sizing References
Specialised doors like the Hormann N80, N500 and ET500 have a formula for the ordering sizes which doesn’t actually give you the internal frame dimensions and these doors are best discussed in detail with the overall sizes also included when ordering for clarity. The sub frames can be considerably larger than a normal up and over door.
We also advocate the use of the overall dimensions when ordering purpose made up and over doors from Garador to provide clarity all round even though the prices are actually determined from the internal frame size again like other doors. Again this is only relevant if you are having a steel sub frame included with the door, if it is an existing timber frame then the internal dimensions are the ordering sizes and a tolerance is allowed when ordered.

It can be confusing and we are happy to discuss at any time if you need guidance on sizes and how they affect pricing.

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