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Ryterna Midrib Slick Wood (standard colours) Steel Round The Corner
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Round The Corner Steel GEAR TYPE: Round the Corner

The Ryterna Side Sliding Sectional Doors are one of the most traditional door designs in the UK.

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Video of the side sliding sectional door in action!

The benefits of a Ryterna Side Sliding Sectional Door:

Insulated, space saving, made to order, safe remote operation, wicket door option, extra low maintenance and excellent performance.

The door panels slide vertically suspended from a high performing aluminium top rail. Consequently the guiding rail allows the door to pivot against the garages side wall.

Special design guiding rail, trolleys and threshold ensure smooth and reliable operation.

Manufacturered panels filled with Freon-free PU foam and brush seals around the perimeter of the door, which result in the doors having the best possible insulation and protection from the elements.

Ryterna Side Sliding Doors can open to either side. Also, for wider projects we recommend Bi-parting the garage doors. You can split the door in two even parts. The only limitation is there must be at least 3 panels on one side, approx. 1.5 metres wide. The high quality guide rails are both heavy duty and maintenance free. The threshold profile is mounted on top of the floor. The hardware is made from anodised aluminum and zinc plated steel. High quality trolleys with roller bearings ensure smooth and easy motion. Therefore Ryterna side sliding garage doors have excellent performance and long service life.

We recommend to split in 2 bi-parting doors for openings wider than 5 metres. Side sliding garage doors go behind reveal meaning that there is no frame required. With sliding garage doors you can retain full brick-to-brick daylight opening. As a result Ryterna developed aluminium lintel profile and post system. Elegant, easy to install and maintenance free profiles are the perfect solution. Furthermore aluminium profiles can be painted any colour to match garage door or house facade.

Standard Options

> Anodised aluminium hardware
> Zinc coated hardware
> Guiding rail for 120mm headroom
> Whole perimeter brush sealing
> Aluminium 120mm lintel profile
> Double glazed finger pinch proof panels
> Fixings for brick/timber/metal

Installation Depth D
(excluding door opener length)

Side-room** Extension profile D Door opener installation position*** Operation
mm mm mm recommended  
>500 no W* + 100 on lintel manual/opener
500 - 301 400 W* + 600 on side wall manual/opener
300 - 201 600 W* + 800 on side wall manual/opener
200 - 150 1000 W* + 1250 on side wall only opener only

* W - opening width
** min side-room on opening side
*** Operator movement range must be longer than W, if standard rail is too short use additional rail extensions. Please check for door opener specifications.

Lintel profile

> Standard option for fixing to lintel.
Option for fixing to ceiling will come with additional brackets and aluminium profile painted door colour.
> Additional lintel profile for side wall.

Adjustable door opener bracket

> For door opener installation on lintel or ceiling along opening.


> Standard sideroom > 500mm. Standard option. Bended guiding rail R420.
> Small sideroom ≤ 500mm. Bended guiding rail R520 + extension profile.
> Double SSD. x2 single side sliding doors. Min required headroom - 120mm. Min sideroom on closing side 70mm.

Installation Instructions are provided with every door.

Ryterna as manufacturer grants warranty covering the safe and reliable function of garage doors for a period:

10 Years - Safe and reliable operation
10 Years - Integrity of the door panel
10 Years - Panel corrosion
10 Years - All immoveable frame parts
10 Years - Seal degradation
5 Years - Surface finish
5 Years - Cables, rollers and springs


> Warranty claims are only applicable in the country where the garage door was purchased; The product must have been purchased through our authorsed distribution channels;
> The Warranty only covers damage to the contract object;
> The fully completed warranty card together with the receipt of purchase correspondingly dated substantiate your rights to claim under the warranty.


> During the warranty period we undertake to rectify any and all defects to the Ryterna product, which can be proved to be attributed to a material or manufacturing fault;
> We pledge at all our discretion to either exchange the defective merchandise for faultless merchandise, repair it or allow a reduction in price;
> We do not accept costs for dismantling and installation nor for carriage.

The warranty does not cover damage caused through:

> Improper installation and negligent care and maintenance;
> Industrial use;
> Improper initial and subsequent operation;
> Negligent or wanton destruction;
> External influences, such as: fire, water, salts, alkaline solutions, acids and any abnormal environmental influences;
> Mechanical damage, through improper transport and fitting, or through falling or hitting objects;
> Improper use of surface protection treatments;
> Repair by non-qualified persons;
> Using non-Ryterna parts without the written approval of the manufacturer;
> Removal of the product number, or making it unidentifiable;
> Application of additional, non approved weights or infills;
> Failure to remove the protective film or packaging provided with the product, where applicable.

*Please contact our experts on 01926 463888 to confirm your door sizes.

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