How to Measure for a Security Grille

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How to Measure for a Security Grille

The Seceuroguard collapsible security grille is always priced and ordered using the overall width and overall height including all the tracking and fixing posts included.

The stack size of the grille when open obviously varies in size depending on the width of the grille overall and this has to be carefully considered if you are installing to the face of a door or window aperture so you get the widest clearance when the gate is open with the stack neatly positioned to one side out the way.

Face Fitting to a Door or Window Opening

Face fitting is usually the best method for doorways if you have sufficient room either side of the opening, this is because it allows more width when the gates are open, and in the case of windows the sash will tuck neatly away behind curtains. The sash size is calculated as a proprtion of the overall width of the gate and varies depending on whether a single sash or double sash is required. A floating sash is also available if required, with locks at either side to allow the whole sash to move from one side to the other when required for cleaning, etc.

security grille face fitted

installation details for grille

face fit grille details      face fix with packers for a collapsible grille

Reveal Fitting to a Door or Window

Most window installations are reveal fitted because the loss of a small proportion of the window aperture is not usually a problem, and the bottom and top track look better fitted into the opening, usually as near to the window itself to leave a descent amount of cill space and not interfer with blinds, curtains, etc.

Measure the aperture in as many places as possible and take the smallest width and height after checking the aperture is also square. Depending on the size of the opening and the surface finish you are installing to dictates what tolerances you may want to leave when ordering, but generally 10mm on the width and height is quite normal. Bear in mind that the measurement may also vary from different points in the depth of the aperture, especially on deep window cills so always measure where you intend the tracking to be fitted and make sure the opening dimensions are not less where the aperture begins or you may find it difficult to get the unit into the opening when fitting!

security grille inbetween fit

receal fix details for collapsible security grille

side elevation for reveal fix of seceuroguard

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