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Suparolla Aluminium Roller door - insulated Samson
Roller door - insulated Aluminium
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When you see the phrase “up to..” in the size options below this product is a made to measure item. This is built to your exact measurements to ensure that your product is a perfect fit.

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General Description

The Samson Suparolla is a remote control electric door as standard. The roller door is controlled via radio remote control and includes a bulk head light and two transmitters. A safety edge and manual overide are included as standard.

Locking: 70mm axle with aluminium locking springs.

The Samson Suparolla only requires 300mm headroom for the roll and only 75mm at each side for the guide rails which enables you to maximise the space available.

The Suparolla is made to measure to the nearest mm.
It is an ideal insulated roller door where a basic specification is only required. The guides are either white or brown and you have no hood cover option so it really is only suitable for installing to the inside face of a garage opening, not outside.

The door has a minimum overall ordering size of 2000mm wide x 2050mm high and a maximum overall size of 4800mm wide x 2500mm high.
Every size inbetween is possible and you specify the door size you require in the 'exact size' boxes after choosing your size range. The ordering is taken as the' Overall Guide Width' including the 75mm guides each side and the 'Overall Guide Height' remebering you have to accomodate the 300mm above this measurement for the curtain roll and the steel endplates supporting the roller door barrel and curtain.
As with all these 'continental' style roller doors the single phase electric motor is a barrel type motor and built into the barrel that the curtain rolls around so is hidden inside. The manual override system is an internal winding system using a 'hook and eye' on a steel rod to turn the motor and gearing in the event of a power failure.
Of course if you do not have a pedestrian door access you will need the 'low level external manual override' system when ordering the door. The motor can be ordered either side of the door (as viewed from inside looking out) and this is the side the manual release will be situated.


Domestic garages up to 4750mm wide and 2500mm high structural opening. For larger sizes see the 'Seceuroglide' range of doors


The Samson Suparolla is available in 14 paint colour finishes: -
White (RAL 9010)
Brown (RAL 8014)
Fir Green (RAL 6009)
Black (RAL 9005)
Burgundy (RAL 3004)
Navy Blue (RAL 5011)
Light Grey (RAL 7038)
Metallic Silver (RAL 9006)
Anthracite (RAL 7016)
Light Beige (BS 08B17)
Heritage Green
New Colours for July 2016:
Duck Egg Blue
Chartwell Green
English Oak - painted woodgrain
Walnut - painted woodgrain
Natural Oak - painted woodgrain

Guide rails are available in white or brown finish, the end plates are mill finish only.

Please Note: The colour of the bottom slat may vary slightly from the rest of the door as it is an extruded aluminium with a flatter, stronger surface incorporating the bottom edge rubber safety sensor.


Installation instructions are provided with every door ordered.


The Samson Suparolla is guaranteed against defect of  material workmanship (subject to correct installation, maintenance and operation) for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

The motor is covered by a 5 year warranty.
The remote control handset and receiver is covered by a 2 year warranty.

The remainder of the warranty details are available upon request.


Suparolla Measurng Guide


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