Garage Door Colours

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Garage Door colours

Garage Door colours

At Garage Doors Online, we sell garage doors in a wide range of finishes, from colours spanning the RAL colour chart, to laminate, woodgrain and foil finishes, available on a range of different doors.

RAL Colour Chart

The RAL chart is a colour matching system created in Germany, which is commonly used to define colours for paints, varnishes, plastic finishes and powder coatings. It is commonly used throughout the garage door industry, and is the European colour matching standard, and is therefor used by most of the manufacturers we work with.

The system has come to make describing and exchanging colours easier, as rather than visually showing someone, you simply have to give them the code for the exact shade or tint that you have been using.

Even taking a small selection of colours from the RAL chart, such as the handful of the possible green finishes shown in the picture on the left, can give an indication of the huge variety of colours available, with almost endless possibilities for many of the systems that we sell. This allows you to match a garage door with the rest of your house down to the exact shade, should you so wish.

hormann 2001 vertical in red

Unfortunately, computer screens are not always able to accurately portray RAL colours, so they may very slightly differ when seen in real life, and whilst every effort will be made to ensure they are as close as possible, this should always be taken into account when placing an order online through Garage doors Online.

Most of the manufacturers we work with have roughly 16-20 standard colours, however for a small fee some such as hormann will offer any RAL colour on certain products, allowing those systems to perfectly blend into any building or surrounding, or stand out if required to make a visual statement. If you need any information on which products this is available for, please contact us.

Alongside this, some manufacturers such as Seceuroglide will also allow you to choose any colour on the BS chart. This is the British Standard colour chart that combines standard finishes with pearl and metallic colours, and is used for buildings and decorative paint, and combines codes with names, although some of the names that the codes relate to can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

hormann timber up and over doors

Other options for a finish include woodgrain and laminate, which can really complete the aesthetic appeal of a home without needing as much upkeep as normal timber. These involve a steel door which has been finished to look like a timber door, saving money and upkeep. Timber doors are naturally beautiful looking, but can be difficult to keep in good condition without consistent upkeep and treatment, and these options such as Hormann's Decograin finish  allow you to achieve the natural good looks of a timber door, with the solidity, practicality and sturdyness of a steel door.

There are usually more than one option for these type of doors, Decograin from Hormann for example, can be finished in "Rosewood" or "Golden Oak". It is important to note, however, that not every finish of the same name is identical across manufacturers, for instance one "golden oak" will be different to another.


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