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Follow the options below to specify and price your new Carteck sectional garage door. If you have any queries please Email us and we will respond within 48 hours or call on (01926) 463888.
Standard sectional doors (stock sizes only) are usually despatched in 2 weeks and purpose made doors generally 4-6 weeks.
There are many standard door sizes to choose from or bespoke sizes if required. Please note the purpose made widths have a choice of 15 standard heights and an infill steel fascia of 90mm.

High Quality Insulated Sectional Garage Doors
The 'ordering sizes' refer to the inside dimensions of the steel fixing frame. Add a minimum of 85mm each side for the legs and 115mm for the headroom on doors up to 5182mm wide.

Sectional Door Ordering Size
Standard Size
Width mm
Height mm
Purpose Made Size
Width mm
Height mm

Door Panel Design help

Choose between the 3 Classic Ribbed design options or the elegant Georgian panel design, all produced in 40mm double skinned steel, foam filled insulated panels.

Please Note: Solid ribbed design is not available in a woodgrain finish, this door design is only available in White or Trend Colours. The Georgian is only available in a woodgrain surface finish but all colour options.

Georgian (Woodgrain Finish only)
Standard Ribbed
Centre Ribbed

Door Surface Finish help

The Carteck Sectional Doors come in a range of 4 surface textures, most of which can be combined with any style or colour combination. The laminate woodgrain finishes are always a smooth finish in the ribbed door designs.

Please Note: The Georgian panelled doors are only available as a Woodgrain surface finish, colours incl. white, trend, ral colours and wood design only (golden oak, rosewood, winchester and dark oak).

If choosing a Wood Design Colour, i.e. golden oak, rosewood, winchester or dark oak, you will need to select smooth finish for all doors except the Georgian panelled in this calculator.

Woodgrain Finish
Smooth Finish
Stucco Finish
Micrograin Finish

Door Panel Colour help

Choose your external door panel colour from a wide range of options. The standard factory finish is white and the trend colours are currently the same price white as a promotional offer.

Please Note: The offer only applies to doors ordered WITH a remote control operator.

White Rosewood Golden Oak Winchester
RAL & Trend Colours Dark Oak
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Handle help

No external handle is fitted as standard but is obviously required with a manual door and includes internal locking with 2 point latching. You can have a handle with an electric operator and simply choose not to connect the internal locking mechanism.

Electric Operator help

Automate your Carteck sectional door with a remote control operator.
The standard unit is supplied with 2 hand held transmitters.
Select the appropriate rail length below relevant to the door height chosen

Select Rail length for operator help

Select the appropriate rail for the height of door chosen. See help button for assistance.

External emergency release help

External emergency manual override access point is fitted as standard in the top left hand corner of all doors. If this is not required then please tick the No box.


Inbetween opening installation kit help

If you are fitting inbetween a structural garage opening this installation kit is required.


Additional Remote Control help

Quantity of Garage Doors Required:



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