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Hormann Thermopro Entrance Doors

Hormann Thermo 46 Entrance Doors

Hormann Thermo46 Entrance Doors provide real quality when it comes to choosing a new entrance door for your home. Contemporary and classic designs are offered with a high quality powdercoat paint finish and options on laminate woodgrain designs on some models. Supplied as standard with high security locking systems and excellent thermal insulation, each Thermo46 door is guaranteed to make you feel secure and warm, making your house feel like a home.

There are a stylish range of models available in both contemporary and classic styles;

Contemporary Designs focus more on modern style aspects including additional embellished glazing and abstract pattern ranges. Each door provides its own level of vibrance and flair and allows you to enhance your home to give it a unique and exclusive appearance. The 700 and 900 offer triple glazing as standard and all the other designs are double glazed.

Classic Designs feature a traditionally popular panelled design which provide a visually stimulating and organised appearance. These door styles blend into their surroundings easily, but with the range of styles available any taste can be met. 

TPS 700 TPS 900 TPS 010 TPS 020


TPS 100 TPS 200 TPS 400 TPS 030
 TPS 015  TPS 025  TPS 040  


Standard Sizes*

Special Sizes*

All Door Designs

TPS 010, TPS 015, TPS 020,
TPS 025, TPS 030, TPS 040,
TPS 700, TPS 900

TPS 100, TPS 200, TPS 400

1000 x 2100mm
1100 x 2100mm

Up to 1250 x 2250mm

Up to 1100 x 2186mm

* Ordering Size = Overall Frame Dimensions of door panel and sub frame combined


Hormann offer a total of 15 standard colours for the Thermo46 and Thermo65 range to allow you to personalise your front entrance door. All Thermo46 entrance doors come in Traffic White as standard, with the further 14 alternative colours available. Some doors are also available in Decograin Golden Oak, Dark Oak, Night Oak, Winchester Oak and Titan Metallic.

White Aluminium Terra Brown Clay Brown Window Grey Light Grey

Anthracite Grey

Moss Green Pigeon Blue Ruby Red Light Ivory
Flame Red Gentian Blue Cream Grey White Grey Aluminium

Security Features

All Hormann Thermo46 Entrance Doors are available with the aluminium fixing frame, threshold and locking variations shown below.  An aluminium door leaf and frame is recommended for use as a home entrance, due to their unbeatable insulating qualities.





All Thermo46 entrance doors are available with an aluminium frame (pictured left)
The 60 mm aluminium frame with thermal break is available in a round-style version (Profile A1) or in a rectangular version (Profile A2).

The factory fitted frame comes with an aluminium & plastic threshold to improve insulation with thermal break. This prevents heat from escaping from the doors, and can save you money on heating bills!

The Thermo46 range is also prefitted with a superb and secure locking system.

A pivoting bolt lock offers you the way to feel truly safe at home. Shown right, these two bolts pull the door shut tightly and a further three bolts ensure the door is locked securely.

Hormann Thermopro Brochure, please click here for PDF >

Hormann Thermopro Installation Manual, please click here for PDF >

Click on the image below for information on measuring the Hormann Thermopro Entrance Doors.

Hormann Thermo65 Entrance Doors

The Hormann Thermo65 doors feature a 65mm thick steel door leaf mounted on a composite frame. The thicker door is filled with rigid CFC free PU foam for both strength and insulation.

Not only does the door leaf contribute to enhanced insulation but the 80mm aluminium door frame also has PU foam infill and a thermal break. Triple seals on the threshold strip and another thermal break all help to maximise insulation to give a fitted door with a thermal 'U' value as low as 1.0W/m2K.

This range of contemporary and classic styles of entrance doors is also highly secure thanks to multi-point locking. Conical swing bolts, security bolts and a lock bolt pull the door tightly shut. Three further security bolts on the hinge side, in conjunction with the three standard hinges, make it practically impossible to force the door open.

Glazing panels add to the styling options and are available as either double or triple glazed units. All doors feature laminated security glass on the exterior and safety glass on the interior. Matching side elements and transom lights give more styling and design choice to create an impressive entrance.

THP 750  THP 900  THP 850 
THP 010 THP 015 THP 700
THP 800

THP 810


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