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Roller doors have grown in popularity in the U.K. over the last few years, and their appeal is certainly from their neat, compact mechanisms, as well as their vertical opening when operating the door. However, with the growing demand for Roller Doors comes unfortunately dubious offerings on the market; doors not always compliant with the latest safety requirements.

We recommend that when researching Roller Doors you ensure that the door you are purchasing is from an established manufacturer with a good build pedigree, and complies with all the latest security regulations. This may sound obvious, however there are some Roller Doors that claim to be safety regulated, but are in fact not, and unsafe as a result. A poorly made Roller Door will inevitably break and fail faster than its well-made counterparts, and end up costing more in the long run. All Roller Doors available here on GarageDoorsOnline are from established and reliable manufacturers.   

Insulated Roller DoorsInsulated - Double Skin

Double skinned aluminium roller doors are generally constructed with slats around 77mm deep and 20mm thick. These dimensions provide excellent strength to the door, but also a degree of insulation. 

This type of Roller Door is the most flexible with regards to where it can be fitted, and with the correct specifications can be one of the most secure doors available.

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Non Insulated Single Skin Roller DoorsNon-Insulated - Single Skin

The single skin version of the Roller Door is a perfectly suitable door when weather sealing and security are not urgent priorities. The basic steel Roller Door offers great value for money, available in many different factory colour and woodgrain finishes, in both manual and electric operations at many sizes.

The curtain roll is larger with steel Roller Doors than aluminium, however there are a number of single width sizes offering a 'mini roll' construction, when headroom spacing is an issue.


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High Security Roller DoorsSecurity

Electric operated shutters will be the most secure, providing a descending method of attaching the curtain to the barrel inside is adopted. 

Some manufacturers will have a tested version of the Roller Door to provide recognised security ratings when installed to certain specifications.

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Colour choices are almost endless, and sizes generally go up to around 5000mm wide and 3000mm high, with roller doors always available to be made to order.

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Roller Door Manufacturers

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