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Seceuroglide Garage Doors - Roller Garage Door Of Choice?

SWS are one of the UK's leading roller shutter door manufacturers for garage doors and door and window security shutters as well as a comprehensive range of security grilles and other physical security products. If any company can manufacture a roller garage door to high standards with the best levels of security it is SWS with the superb Seceuroglide range.
SWS was established by Andrew Dootson in 1985 and was acquired by CRH plc in March 2008. Their purpose built manufacturing base is located in Lancaster where all the products are assembled. SWS UK is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company. SWS UK are also proud holders of the official Police 'Secured by Design' approved manufacturer status.

The product range for SWS consists mainly of the highest quality roller shutter products for use in the domestic and commercial market.

On our website you can specify, price and order online the superb
Seceuroglide insulated roller garage door, the industries leading aluminium double skinned roller shutter. Probably the first insulated roller garage door produced in the UK and designed to perfection since conception.
With sizes up to 5400mm wide and 3000mm high the Seceuroglide offers style, security and practicality in one excellent package. All Seceuroglide doors are made to order to maximise your garage opening and can be installed in a number of different ways.

Seceuroglide Roller Garage Doors

SWS seceuroglide garage roller door

Classic Seceuroglide Roller Garage Door specifying, pricing and ordering >

Security Rated Version?
Seceuroglide Excel >

Smaller size slats and curtain required? 
Seceuroglide Compact >

Manual spring assisted version in limited sizes?
Manual Seceuroglide >

Not too bothered about locking or other fancy features?
Seceuroglide LT >

Why buy a Seceuroglide roller door?

One of the most important reasons is that a Seceuroglide roller door is fully compliant with all the very latest regulations mainly based on safety that is required for tube motor driven electric roller doors. Be very careful when looking at aluminium roller garage doors that the manufacturer does comply or you will be potentially buying a door that is potentially dangerous and illegal in the UK.

Just one extract shown below clearly states the requirements for a bottom edge safety detection system and it is absolutely not sufficient to just have infra red beams across the door on their own whatever the seller may say to you!
BS EN 12453 - For Remote Control Roller Doors fitted with a single phase tubular motor, the Standard (BS EN 12453 - Safety in use Power Operated Doors) calls for a Type 'C' pressure sensitive protective device "safety edge" that complies with specific force limitations. This means a leading bottom edge safety sensor and not just one or a few infra red beams across the opening.

Other good reasons:

● Vertical operation for opening and closing maximising space inside and outside the garage
● Very good at optimising drivethrough width and height for your garage.
● Superb security with option to take the door to a level 1 'secured by design' specification - the Seceuroglide Excel
● Excellent sealing properties all round to help reduce dust, leaves, mice, etc.
● Extra insulation inside the garage providing warm, drier atmosphere.
● Neat, attractive, stylish looks complimenting most styles of property
● Tailor made to every garage opening and requirement
● Silent, smooth operation with the use of nylon webbing to secure the guides rather than endlocks
● Testing to prove basic Seceuroglide model defies would be intruders.
● Good selection of high quality colours and woodgrain laminate finishes.
● Fantastic value for money as an electric garage door package.

rolling door operation

More Details about Seceuroglide roller doors >

the seceuroglide roller door general overview

Why compromise with a new roller garage door, you only want to buy one once and not have any problems!

The Seceuroglide has the lowest warranty problem rate of any roller garage door we supply and we also supply more of these than any other roller door. That is good enough for us - buy cheap and buy twice as the old saying goes! 


Seceuroglide Sectional Garage Doors

Low on headroom? Compact is the answer. 
Seceuroglide Compact >

Make it a double. Suitable for openings up to 5.25m metres.
Seceuroglide Plus >

Introducing the Elite, SeceuroGlide's feature-packed sectional door.
Seceuroglide Elite >

SWS Seceuroglide garage Sectional door

SeceuroGlide doors are:
Made-To-Measure – Perfect fit means no compromise on weather protection, insulation or security
CE Marked – Investing in a CE marked product means you are purchasing a product that is fully compliant with all European directives
Available with Remote Control – For the easiest of openings all of our range have a remote control version
Finishes To Suit You and Your Home – All doors in the range have a variety of finishes to ensure they become a real asset to your home
Peace-of-Mind Warranties – Using only the finest components to produce SeceuroGlide Sectional garage doors, means complete peace-of-mind warranties

Why buy a Seceuroglide Sectional Door?
● Vertical operation - Means you can park right up to the door, making the most of your driveway space
● Minimal headroom requirements - As little as 70mm
● 40mm thick insulated steel panels - Manufactured to the highest specification
● Security features - Leaves your home totally protected
● Weather seals on all sides - Protects from all weathers, saving energy and money
● Each door is Unique - Made to measure for the perfect fit
● Powered by Somfy Dexxo Motors - Covered by a comprehensive 5 year manufacturer's warranty
● Additional options - For lighting and controlling blinds, awnings, shutters and gates

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