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The dimensions given below are for the Gliderol STEEL non insulated continuous curtain roller garage door only

If you are intending to purchase and install the Gliderol steel continuous curtain roller door then you need to start by making sure you order and specify the right size roller garage door. The Gliderol roller door can only be installed to the inside face of a structural opening or a suitable fixing structure such as a timber framework.

You may see many offer prices on many different websites and Ebay but the truth is it doesn't cost much more to have the door completely made to order for a perfect fit making the most of your garage opening and easier installation.



Width Dimensions Explained

The Overall Curtain Width is also the reference for the Ordering Width when specifying and ordering a Gliderol steel roller door and is the garageStructural Opening Width plus the door curtain overlap on each side which is 25mm each on a roller door up to 3400mm total width or 50mm each side on a door over 3400mm.

The side room required for actually installing the door is different again as there are some large supporting steel brackets at higher level which are fitted wider than the roller guides referred to in the ordering width and also fixing lugs on the steel side guides

Example: A 2500mm wide garage opening requires a further 50mm adding for the 2 no. 25mm guides each side giving an Ordering Width size of 2550mm.

Summary of ordering width requirements

‘A’ Series door width Opening width + 50mm (2”) minimum
‘AA’ Series door width Opening width + 100mm (4”) minimum
Windlock ('AA' doors only) Opening width + 100mm (4”) minimum

The support brackets and fixing lugs on the side guides make the total width required for installation on a basic manual door 90mm wider EACH SIDE than the daylight opening width up to 3350mm wide and 125mm each side on the wider AA series doors. Optional Windlock guides require 140mm each side and are only available on double width doors.

It is essential you calculate the total width required for installation purposes as it is always wider than the ordering size!

Installation Dimensions - See Table Below

Minimum Clearance Required per side of structural opening for installation purposes - not ordering!
Door Type Manual Door Automatic Door
    Motor side only
'A' series (up to 3400mm wide) 90mm 90mm
'AA' series (over 3400mm wide) 125mm 125mm
'AA' series doors with Windlock option 140mm 140mm

Overview of a Gliderol roller door viewed from inside a garage

measuring for gliderol roller door

Height Dimensions Explained

Maximum guide height for Gliderol standard = 3000mm

Maximum  overall width for Gliderol Door = 5000mm
Minimum overall width for Gliderol Door = 600mm

The Guide Height is also the reference for the Ordering Height for a Gliderol roller door -

It is the total height of the side guides that the roller curtain slides in and if you are ever in doubt about your height (i.e. unfinished floor, etc) you can order higher than required and cut the guides on site if necessary from the bottom and the curtain roll will simply take up the slack.

The amount of headroom required above the guide height is dependant upon the height of the door ordered, see table and diagram below.

Example: A floor to lintel height of 2150mm means ideally you would require 430mm of headroom and the ordering measurement would be 2150mm. If you don't have 430mm of headroom the roller door will still fit but you will lose drive through height when open. In the worst case of having no headroom at all then you will require a fascia cover of some description to cloak the roll from outside but your order height will be the total height less the roll size required. Always better to over estimate the height required with a Gliderol roller door as you can always cut the steel guides if they are too long.

The drive-through height is approximately 80mm less than the ordering opening height.

Guide Height Min. Headroom required for curtain roll
Up to 2100mm (6'11") 430mm
Up to 2400mm (7'11") 450mm
Up to 2700mm (8'10") 450mm
 Up to 3000mm (10'0") 470mm

Gliderol dimensions for installation


Photograph of a Gliderol steel roller door on the inside showing clearly the fixing lugs for the side guides and the support brackets for the curtain roll which is rolling around a barrel with a steel pole at either end (This can be cut on site if required if the opening is tight).
The handle and locking bars can be seen in the middle with the locking rods going to either side to locate in the side guides for security.
Same roller door viewed from outside and finished in blue
The bottom of the curtain is reinforced with a rubber weather seal built in to the aluminium section
Gliderol roller door inside view Gliderol door from outside view in blue


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