Garador Sectional Doors

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Garador Sectional Doors

Garador Sectional Doors

A Garador Sectional Door is a sound investment to any household, offering quality, style, security and safety in one complete package with superbly engineered panels and components. The sectional door is an ideal solution in so many ways for a garage whether it be used for housing a vehicle or for an office, gym, playroom, workshop or any other type of extra room.

The very high levels of sealing achievable combined with the option of double skinned insulated panels means you can effectively provide a proper insulated 'wall' as long as the opening and floor levels are square.

The sectional door rises vertically and therefore you can maximise the space inside and outside your garage as there is no swing out or excessive intrusion immediately in front of or behind the door when operated.

Garador Sectional - Linear Medium

Linear Medium

Garador Sectional - Linear Large

Linear Large

Garador Sectional - Linear Small

Linear Small

Garador Sectional - Georgian Small





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The Garador sectional door functions as either a manual or remote control electric garage door with high levels of security, whichever option is preferred.

When the sectional door is open you will achieve maximum width drive through, and depending on spring operation method, nearly always achieve full height for drive through. This is ideal for 4 x 4 vehicles and the like.

Remote control operation is offered with a full range of electric operators to cover all the different door sizes and models offered.

Distinctive Georgian Designs

Garador Georgian Doors are available as Premium and Classic doors offering varying degrees of thermal insulation. Constructed to extremely high quality standards, all doors provide long-term functionality, smooth running and a magnificent long-lasting look.

Garador's Georgian design sectional doors unite an exquisite blend of superior engineering, ease of operation and a first-class image. You can also individualise your door to give it that unique look by viewing our Windows, Colours and Handles.

Please note: As the size of a door changes in height and/or width, the panel frequency can change. Therefore doors of the same style but different sizes can be significantly different in appearance.

Find out more about Georgian woodgrain designs

Beautiful Linear Designs

Garador's Linear patterned sectional door designs offer an immaculate and contemporary look at a very competitive price. Showing off a simple yet admirable arrangement, the Linear design would not look out of place infront of any home. 

The Garador Linear range are available as Premium and Classic. They all offer superb levels of thermal insulation, however they are all overshadowed by the impressive Premium model. Manufactured to extremely high quality standards, each door oftens exemplary functionality in the long-term, a smooth running system and a state-of-the-art design.

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Garador Sectional Colours

All of the following colours apply to both Georgian and Linear designs. The colour range consists of 16 standard colours including Traffic White RAL 9016.

Basalt Grey RAL 7012
Basalt Grey
RAL 7012

Grey aluminium ral 9007
Grey Aluminium
RAL 9007

Light Ivory RAL 1015
Light Ivory
RAL 1015

Terra Brown - RAL 8028
Terra Brown
RAL 8028

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
Anthracite Grey
RAL 7016

Quartz Grey RAL 7039
Quartz Grey
RAL 7039

Fir Green RAL 6009
Fir Green
RAL 6009

Slate Grey RAL 7015
Slate Grey
RAL 7015

Window Grey RAL 7040
Window Grey
RAL 7040

Light Grey RAL 7035
Light Grey
RAL 7035

Moss Green 6005
Moss Green
RAL 6005

Titan Metallic CH703
Titan Metallic

White Aluminium RAL 9006
White Aluminium
RAL 9006

Anthracite Metallic Noir 2100 Sable
Anthracite Metallic
Noir Sable 2100

Stone Grey RAL 7030
Stone Grey
RAL 7030

Jet Black RAL 5003
Jet Black
RAL 9005

Below are the five wood-effect colours available as an optional surcharge:

Timber Effect - Golden Oak

Golden Oak

Timber Effect - Rosewood


Timber Effect - Dark Oak

Dark Oak

Winchester Oak

Winchester Oak

Night Oak

Night Oak


Find out more about the window and colour options available

Windows and Handles

Garador realise how much personalisation means when buying a garage door therefore they offer a variety of different high-quality window panels, colour schemes and manual door handles to satisfy your garage door needs.

Making a small addition like windows to a garage door can also increase the value of your property. Not only increasing the visual image of your home, it also allows natural sunlight into your garage and reduces the need for a powered light. Window panes are available as both clear or an elegant crystal and the window frames and rails are constructed using a sturdy synthetic material. All doors come in Traffic White (RAL 9016) as standard however colour-match on the frames to the door is optional. Window frames for timber-effect doors are colour-matched as standard. Window frames for Linear doors are only available in white and black.

Garador Sectional - Standard, small



Carteck Sectional Windows - Cross, small



Carteck Sectional windows - Diamond, small



Garador Sectional windows - Standard, medium



Garador Sectional windows - Cross, medium



Garador Sectional windows - Diamond, medium



There are also a large range of colour schemes to help turn your garage door into the attractive focus point of your home. This could be achieved by changing the door colour scheme to correspond with windows and/or an entrance door. Just picture how this would complement the natural beauty of your home. As standard, woodgrain sectional doors come in Traffic White (RAL 9016) on the exterior and Grey White (RAL 9002) on the interior. Below are the most popular colours for woodgrain doors which are more favourably priced, however  any other colour from the RAL colourt chart can be ordered at a surcharge. 

Keeping in line with the evolution of modern technology, all Garador sectional doors come without a handle set as they are pre-prepared for electric operation as standard. However, they are still available for manual operation or individual design requirements with a selection of high-quality handle sets shown below. 

Design handles for woodgrain and solid-timber effect doors

Garador white handle finish white aluminium

White finish

Cast Aluminium

Garador silver garage door handle white aluminium

Silver finish

Cast Aluminium

Garador standard black handle

Standard Black


Garador brushed stainless steel handle

Brushed Stainless Steel


Find out more about the windows, colours and handles available

Remote Door Automation

Sick of encountering the hostile weather when arriving home from a long day? Have physical restraints that do not allow you to reach down to use a handle? Just simply fancy a change and want to treat yourself? With the GaraMatic range of Garador operators, the annoyance of having to leave your car, open the garage door (and risk getting soaked at the weathers peril) then get back into your car before finally having to return to the door to close it again is transformed into a very simple task.

A garage door accompanied by a GaraMatic operator leaves you with the luxurious yet simplistic task of pressing a button without having to leave the comfort of your car. And surprisingly enough, this range of operators are available at an astonishingly low price. Fitting one of these operators will not change your life, but it will add an element of comfort and convenience to it. GaraMatic operators and Garador garage doors are a highly tested unit hardware, flawlessly matched and fabricated for an easy installation process.

For your safety, all GaraMatic operators comply with the latest European standards (BS 13241) such as automatic reversal and self-monitoring closing forces. Security is catered for by the integral anti-burglar device preventing the door from forced unauthorized entry.

Two Transmitters as standard!


Two buttoned Garador hand transmitter

Hand Transmitter


Four button Garador Hand Transmitter

Hand Transmitter

garador 5 year warranty on all garador sectional garage door operators

5 year warranty on all Garador operators

Find out more about garage door automation

To view more garage door operator accessories, please visit our Garage Door Operator Accessories page.

There are three types of GaraMatic operators which can all be bought via our online shop >

GaraMatic 20 GaraMatic 10

GaraMatic 20 >
GaraMatic 10 >

50% faster than other operators
Half-open function for ventilation
Adjustable soft start and soft stop
Automatic Safety Reversal
Adjustable integral halogen light
Self-closing timer option (light beam device required)

Peak Forces
GaraMatic 20: 1000N
GaraMatic 10: 800N

GaraMatic 9

GaraMatic 9 >

Simple to operate
Soft start and soft stop
Automatic safety reversal
Integral light
Streamlined plastic cover

Peak Forces
GaraMatic 9: 750N

Find out more about Garador operator accessories

Garador Offers Maximum Safety

We highly trust in the motive that nothing can be too safe or too secure. That is why we thrive upon finding new and improved ways to offer advanced safety on our doors and award our customers with what they deserve - the highest quality possible.

Reliable anti-drop devices

It doesn't matter whether your door comes with a tension spring or torsion spring assembly; a Garador sectional door provides protection against crashing down as the anti-drop device catches the door in the unlikely event of a spring or cable failure.

Safety Door Travel

The partnership of adjustable rollers, solid roller brackets and safety tracks prevent the door from derailing.

No more trap zones

Ever had the painful experience of trapping your fingers in the sides of an opening/closing garage door? With a Garador sectional door, you don't need to worry about this anymore.

Utilising a pinch protection system, each section rebate is optimally shaped as a finger protection profile effective on both the interior and the exterior of the door as well as on the hinge parts.

Side hand guards with Garador sectional doors offer an enclosing sleeve meaning fingers do not get trapped.

Safety tracks and internally guided cables help further add to Garador's intentions on further safety. Each sectional door comes with angled safety tracks to prevent fingers from being trapped. Each cable is guided betwen the door lead and frame which eliminates another trap zone.

How to measure your Garador Sectional Door (click on images below):

Low Headroom Torsion Spring Operation

Tension Spring Operation

Torsion Spring Operation

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