Insulated Pedestrian Doors

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Insulated Pedestrian Doors

Insulated Pedestrian Doors are double-skinned and fitted with weatherseals to keep the weather out and the warmth in.

The doors have been designed to be stylish and to match their Sectional counterparts from Hormann and Carteck.

Carteck Insulated Pedestrian Doors

With Carteck you will get the very best insulation, security and service.

Personnel Doors are built with excellent strength and offer great security and insulation for any garage, store room, warehouse or other building where a good weathersealing is required.

All Carteck side doors come pre-framed as standard.

The frame is finished in the same colour as the door panel colour chosen and in the case of the laminate woodgrain panels a complimentary RAL colour is used for the framework.
RAL 9006 & RAL 9007 may not be an exact match.

Powdercoated Colours

The inside of the side door is finished in grey white stucco texture (RAL 9002).

Flame Red
Flame Red
RAL 3000‚Äč

Fir Green
Fir Green
RAL 6009
Moss Green
Moss Green
RAL 6005
Window Grey
Window Grey
RAL 7040
Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey
RAL 7016
White Aluminium
White Aluminium
RAL 9006
Quartz Grey
Quartz Grey
RAL 7039
Light Grey
Light Grey
RAL 7035
Grey Aluminium
Grey Aluminium
RAL 9007
Steel Blue
Steel Blue
RAL 5011

Umbra Grey
Umbra Grey
RAL 7022

TT 703
Special Satin metallic effect

Sepia Brown
Sepia Brown
RAL 8014

RAL 9001

Jet Black
Jet Black
RAL 9005

Painted Wood Effect Finish

The wood-effect finishes are grained to give a much more natural look than close grain finishes.

golden oak
Golden Oak
Night Oak
Night Oak

External Door Texture Finish

The Wood-effect finishes are only available in the Smooth door texture finish. All White and coloured side doors are available in the following textured surface finishes.

micro profile
Micro Profile

Carteck Insulated Side Doors

The personnel doors are available in a horizontal or vertical design.

carteck centre ribbed personnel door
Centre Ribbed

Carteck solid personnel door

Carteck standard ribbed personnel door
Standard Ribbed
Carteck Georgian personnel door


Hormann Insulated Pedestrian DoorsHormann KSI Thermal

The Hormann KSI Thermo Personnel doors provide an excellent thermal break and are ideal for basements, heated outbuildings and garages with access to the home.

The door leaf is made from a 46mm thick smooth sheet of steel, thick rebate, fully foamed, with thermal break, exterior and interior overlapping the leaf and matching colour. 4 sided, double EPDM seals, black, with continuous lip seal in the bottom corners for additional sealing, incl. brush seal in the frame.

The Hormann KSI Thermo46 offers the best thermal insulation and reduces the risk of condensation forming in heated rooms in contrast to a steel door.

Ready-to-fit door set
Door leaf and frame with thermal break, galvanized and painted in Traffic white (similar to RAL 9016).

Thermally insulated
UD = 1.1 W/ (m²·K)
The Hormann insulated personnel doors are available as hinged on left or right hand side (looking from inside). Opening inwards only.


The Hormann MZ Thermo Personnel doors act as a multi-purpose door and will help you reduce heat loss. Ideal for unheated outbuildings, utility shed and storage areas.

The MZ side door is stable, durable and weather-resistant, making it ideal for inside and outside use.

The Hormann MZ multi-purpose doors are more than just extremely robust. Thanks to the thermal break, they offer up to 49% better thermal insulation and reduce the risk of condensation forming in heated rooms in contrast to a steel door. They are available with or without glazing as well as in numerous colours and decor surfaces.

 The door leaf with PU rigid foam infill, frame and threshold all come with a thermal break.

Thermally Insulated
TPS 011: UD = 1.1 W/ (m²·K)
TPS 021: UD = 1.4 W/ (m²·K)
TPS 051: UD = 1.6 W/ (m²·K)

The MZ Thermo46 also comes with glazing to let daylight into your workshop or hobby room.  The glazed versions also offer excellent thermal insulation on the interior and exterior thanks to double insulated safety glass.

MZ Thermo 011

MZ Thermo 021A
MZ Thermo 051A
MZ Thermo 051F


The Hormann NT60 insulated side doors are a perfect match to the Hormann Sectional Doors or even the NT60 Side Hinged Doors.

Supplied ready-to-fit with profile cylinder mortise lock, round handle/lever handle set with oval rose escutcheons and 3-way adjustable hinges.

The frame is made of weather-proof aluminium extrusions (depth 60mm) with all-round seals.

The NT60 Pedestrian doors are fitted with Block Frames made of aluminium extrusion profiles, depth 60mm, 3-sided double buffer sealing, double lip seal in the threshold area. Door infill made of double-skinned steel sections, 42mm thick.

NT60 S Ribbed white
S Ribbed

Decograin, Sandgrain, Silkgrain and Woodgrain

NT60 M Ribbed white
M Ribbed

Decograin, Sandgrain, Silkgrain and Woodgrain
NT60 L Ribbed white
L Ribbed

Woodgrain only

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