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Feature of the month: Side Hinged Garage Doors

Feature of the month: Side Hinged Garage Doors

If you are looking for garage doors that are easy to use, provide excellent security and look amazing, the side hinged garage door ranges are ideal for you. Among many different choices, side hinged garage doors stand out as a timeless and practical solution. In this article, our expert team from Garage Doors Online will help you discover side hinged garage doors and find out which would be the best option for your garage needs. 
What is the side hinged door? 
As implied by it’s name, the side hinged doors split into two separate panels that may be opened separately or at the same time. Opening up your garage is a breeze with these doors, as they swiftly open without taking up any space within your garage. 
The side hinged door is always a space saving option because of its mechanism. Fixed to either side of your garage entrance, these doors operate outwards like a regular door without the need to take up any vertical space for rails or guides. 
Moreover, some side hinged doors are also available with a 70/30 asymmetrical split opening. 

Which side hinged door is the best for you?

Good: Traditional Simplicity – GDO Steel Side Hinged Door 
For those seeking a reliable and budget friendly option, the basic insulated side hinged doors tick all the boxes. The GDO range have 18 colours available, meaning there is a design to suit every property. The long-lasting powder coated paint finish requires no further treatment, ensuring smooth operation and maintenance free. Together with three windows design options, these basic doors provide a straightforward and dependable solution for homeowners, which prioritising functionality on a budget. 

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Better: Enhance security and lifestyle: GDO 20mm Insulated Side Hinged Door
We are excited to show you the high level of enhanced security features and a touch of style to your side hinged door: The GDO 20mm Insulated Side Hinged Door. The twin steel skins with U-value of 2.8W/m2k boost a better insulation and durability. The addition of lever handle, deadlock and adjustable keep all included as standard adds an extra layer for security and safeguarding for your belongings. 5 designs and 27 colours come in durable powder coat finish, allowing the homeowners to choose a style that complements your home’s aesthetics. 

This door option strikes a balance between affordability and upgraded features, making it a popular choice for many homeowners and it becomes our star of the month. We are offering a FREE upgrade to anthracite or black colour, for the price of white if you order by 04.01.2024. For more information, contact us or find out more here. 

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The Best: Cutting-Edge Technology - GDO 40mm Insulated Side Hinged Door
For those who prioritise cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship, the best 40 mm insulated side hinged door is the ultimate choice. These doors offer solid 40mm thick panels, super strong rigid foam filled panels, conceal hinges and adjustable latching with security locking. These doors are made to measure to the millimetre, this door investment cannot be beaten by the combination of functionality, security and design. 

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No matter which options you opt for, either a traditional design or cutting edge technology, a side hinged garage door can elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your home while providing secure and convenient access to your garage space. If you have any questions about side hinged door, free feel to contact our team today. 




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