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Garage Doors with a variety of window options

Garage Doors with a variety of window options

Are you looking to tweak your garage door design? Are you envious of neighbouring garage doors with windows, and wondering if they’d work for you? Garage doors online will help you find out if this is the best option for your home.

1. Enjoy the benefits of daylight
This could be the biggest advantages of having a garage door with clear windows. Reduce the need to use electric lighting or keep the door open, the windows do it for you. Even if you store supplies in your garage, the extra daylight helps you quickly and safely access the items you need.    

2. Add curb appeal to your property
When you add windows to your garage door, it becomes a part of your home rather than just a place for storage or to park your car. Your garage's curb appeal is enhanced when the windows match those of your home, capturing the attention of neighbours and possible purchasers. To add visual interest to your garage door, here are some tips to add interest with the following:

3. Easy replace if needed
Just like any other windows, garage door windows might break due to accidents, or stray baseballs! In most cases, replacing garage door window inserts is quite a simple and easy process.

  1. Unscrew the inner retainer while someone holds the window frame from the outside.
  2. Insert the new glass panes.
  3. Carefully remove broken glass pieces from the inner retainer.
  4. Secure the glass panes by inserting the screw into the inner retainers while someone holds the window frame from the outside.

4. What sizes and designs window that I could have?
Windows will vary from single glazed acrylic, 6-8mm real glass, double glazed units using acrylic or real glass and triple glazed sections in garage doors where glazing is the main feature. The glass or acrylic is also available as clear, frosted, antiqued, sand blasted, opaque, coloured and so on, the options are plentiful and can suit any need.

Some designs options from our manufacturer are offered below:

Horizontal wide rib


Wide Rib Sectional Door
Medium rib sectional door Ryterna vertical rib side hinged door


5. How to get started
The best ways to choose a design for your garage door is contacting the experts and having sound advice, or you can browse online here. No matter what the garage door style or panel design you use to transform the look of your house, remember to think the high quality in durability, material and appearance by using a trusted company.


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