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GDO Range of Electric Aluminium Insulated Roller Garage Doors

GDO Range of Electric Aluminium Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Having sold garage doors since the 1980’s we try to make the process as straight forward as possible. There are so many different brands, specifications, prices, and statements made about roller garage doors, specifically in the UK, we thought it was time to simplify the process. 

If you are looking for a new roller garage door, you can consider our GDO range of electric rollers garage doors for following reasons:

In terms of electrically operated, aluminium, double-skinned roller doors we have produced a range which ticks all the boxes! Our online shop also includes the major leading brands for roller garage doors, and they have their specifications and unique offerings, but we have produced a range that satisfies anyone who just wants a simple, good quality, straight forward, electric, aluminium, roller garage door. Therefore, our GDO range of electric aluminium insulated roller doors are quickly becoming very popular.


ALL our GDO electric, aluminium, double-skinned, roller garage doors have the following features:
Up to 21 on-trend colour options, to suit any home. 
Roll 77 Colour options
Choose from no hood, half hood or full hood options, depending on your needs. The full hood cover comes in the form of a 2 part-folded aluminium hood to cover the curtain roll and provide essential protection against finger entrapment. It also provides a neat fascia when you don’t have enough headroom and cannot get the entire roll size behind the lintel.
Roller door with full hood cover     Roller door with half hood cover     Roller door with no hood cover
Full safety detection systems when the door is remote controlled for complete compliance with current UK regulations on electric roller doors. Our push button, hold to run roller door models also comply.
Industry standards and specifications for the depth and specification of the 55mm and 77mm curtain slats used. Some manufacturers offer slats that are not fit for use as garage doors and are derived from budget window shutters.
Rubber bottom seal on every door.
Made to measure as standard, no false ‘standard’ size offerings.
The best remote controls and wall control system for the relevant door. We looked at the most popular setups and control panel specifications and set it as standard.
The best size guide for the door curtain to ensure the best overall stability.
So many electric rollers garage doors being offered in the UK right now are manufactured to some very low standards, only to enable a headline-grabbing low price for marketing. We prefer to be honest about all the garage doors we sell from the outset, on both prices and specifications.

What is the difference between the 55mm and the 77mm roller door? 
The 55mm roller door is a great product if you just want something simple, compact, and basic for a single-size-width garage, but it doesn’t pretend to be high security or offer levels of insulation relevant for eco homes. 
The 77mm roller door is a great product for single, medium, and double-width garages with a far stronger slat specification.  Offering a great product for most people wanting a roller door for its neat and simple operation. If you want high levels of security, then look at our Secured by Design products and products tested for their security features offering LPS1175 certification standards.
55mm Slat Profile     77mm Slat Profile
Electric Operated or Button Operated/ Hold to Run Controls?
Both the Roll 55 and Roll 77 designs are available with options of electric button control and remote control operation. 
An electric operated garage door with a remote control is a convenient and modern solution for opening and closing garage doors without the need for manual effort. So if you prefer easy access, this is the choice for you. 
Rocker SwitchHowever, we find more and more customers don’t require remote control for their garage door. Either they don't access the garage very often or it is a detached garage, away from the house and is always walked to on foot. So many people simply don’t need remote controls and without these remote controls, it is possible to also remove the impulse safety detection and therefore reduce the complexity of electronics used, as well as reducing the price of course.
If you don’t use your garage for putting your vehicle inside and maybe use it more as an additional room then push button or key switch operation makes perfect sense.
GDO Insulated Roller Door


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