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Hormann LPU40 Sectional Door Range Expanded
23rd September 2013

Hormann LPU40 Sectional Door Range Expanded

Most of the LPU40 sectional doors sold in the UK for the last few years have been from the Series 2000 UK size range but there are many more sizes to choose from in the Larger European Metric size range, readily available and currently on the same delivery times as any of the non stock Series 2000 doors.

All the Hormann sectional doors are manufactured in Germany regardless of size so there are no differences whatsoever, just more sizes to choose from!

Why use this size range?

If you are replacing a garage door and have what you consider to be an odd size opening then maybe there is a size in the European range that is nearer or exactly what you need.

If you are constructing a garage and need something larger than normal and this means the height as well you will find a much wider range in these sizes. Heights up to 3000mm and widths up to 5500mm in all designs.

Purpose Made Sizes?

Yes, we now offer the totally purpose made sizes for the LPU40 doors in this European range of doors. Order your door to the exact millimetre with the new range for purpose made sizes.

You can still order a standard door and have the width and/or height cut to size as this is sometimes faster but it is not necessarily a cheaper way to do it.

In the metric size range of LPU40 doors you also have all the same options such as windows, colours, handles, etc but also have the option to have items such as the pedestrian wicket door inset into the main panel. This is a POA option as there are so many complicated additional items required but it is a superb option for any garage requiring easy pedestrian access in an insulated garage door with real security and the best engineering.

The LPU40 range continues to be the largest sectional door range in the UK and one of the easiest to install as all panels are predrilled from the factory ready for the operating mechanism chosen.

Take a look at the Metric range now >


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