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Hormann Rollmatic Roller Doors

Hormann Rollmatic Roller Doors
World leading door manufacturer Hormann have recently uograded their popular hgih quality roller door range in larger sizes, meaning there are now roller options for garages with a width of over 5m wide. If you’re looking for an insulated electric roller garage door but have limited options due to your garage size, the Rollmatic may be the answer.

Wide Roller Garage Doors
Manufacturing a roller garage door wider than 5 metres isn’t something to be undertaken lightly. The deflection in the slats used is the first issue which can arise causing a massive sag in the curtain when closed and then causing damage over a period of time, with excessive contact in the centre of the curtain. Getting the correct size guides for stability and then also connection methods between each slat and the correct motor drive is also a major challenge.
Although most double garages are approx. 4.5m wide, many people and builders are now creating much larger width garages due to lifestyle and vehicle changes. This means we are now more frequently approached by people needing garage doors over 5m wide, and before this was simply not possible. Most standard roller garage doors either single skin or double skinned will have a maximum width of around 5m, so where do you turn for wider doors than this?
Hormann Rollmatic
The Hormann Rollmatic offers great levels of quality and reliability, with insulating properties to help keep your garage warm. With lots of colours and a choice of finishes, you can match your new roller door with the rest of your home and garage.

To find out more, view the Hormann Rollmatic in our online shop.

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