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Rollmatic Sales are Booming
9th March 2014

Rollmatic Sales are Booming

Record sales for the Hormann Rollmatic last year is not a surprise to us in a UK roller door market that is absolutely confusing and full of roller doors not even compliant with the latest regulations!!

The Rollmatic is a roller door already built as standard with a specification that for most roller doors would be considered to include several optional extras. It has 2 transmitters as standard, a control box with a courtesy light, a full box hood cover for the curtain, large guides that are always matching the curtain colour and a manual release mechanism others cannot match as the Rollmatic uses an external motor drive with spring assisted mechanism so in the event of a power failure the door is the easiest to open and close by simply releasing the motor drive in one simple action.
Hormann roller doors
The Rollmatic is an aluminium insulated roller door built by leading Worldwide manufacturrs Hormann and is fully compliant in every way, and some for the UK market. In a market place where is does seem right now that there are new people lining up every week to tell you they have a roller door that is perfect for you and cheaper than all others you have to step back and take a good look and ask some questions. Not with the Rollmatic, it is a top specification electric roller door made by a top manufacturer with proper guarantees and manufactured to a very real value for money price.

Don't mess about and get sucked into dubious doors that will cause you endless problems or worse still are not actually legal in the UK, if you are wanting a roller garage door then look at this superb roller door or a few other we recommend.

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