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Side Hinged Doors - The Benefits
2nd March 2017

Side Hinged Doors - The Benefits

Looking for a fantastic alternative to more conventional garage doors? Vehicle storage not your primary garage function? Steel Side Hinged Doors might be just what you’re looking for.

Side Hinged Doors offer a versatility that more traditional Up and Over doors don’t, with the option to open the door in stages. Rather than opening the whole door every time access is needed, you can open one section of the door and walk straight in. As a result, Side Hinged Doors are suited to garages used primarily as storage, utility rooms, and gymnasiums, for example. This time saving feature is only available with Side Hinged doors, or the more expensive wicket sectional doors.

One less publicised benefit of Side Hinged Doors is the option to alter the door ratio. Conventionally, Side Hinged Doors are available with an even 50/50 split, with the left and right doors being equally sized. However, there is also the option in some cases to split the doors into two-thirds and one-third sections, essentially creating a personnel door in the chosen side of the garage door. Again, this is suited to garages that require more frequent pedestrian access, and when a side personnel door is not an option.

Once you’ve decided upon your door ratio, there’s the small task of choosing which door you want. Available in steel, timber, and GRP, Steel Side Hinged doors can suit any property type, and complement a vast array of existing fittings, windows and doors.

These doors can come as Single Skin or Double Skin units, with the latter offering a great deal of insulation. With such insulation qualities, these doors become even more suited to garages being used for functions other than vehicle storage.

Despite essentially being in two segments, automation is still available for these door types. This convenient operation addition makes every use of the door simple and efficient, requiring significantly reduced effort. Whether it’s raining, or you’re in a hurry, automation saves the day.

Due to the relatively low number of moving parts and simple operation mechanism, maintenance of Side Hinged doors is significantly easier to undertake than more complex Sectional or Up & Over doors.

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