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When pricing and ordering a Carteck sectional garage door, assuming you have sufficient sideroom and headroom the simple rule of thumb is that the ordering size for the door is the actual brickwork opening size, or the nearest standard size available for existing openings. The sectional door is primarily designed to install to the inside face of the structural opening and rise vertically behind the steel sub frame system supplied so at no point does the door actually travel through the opening. This means you can install a standard door behind a slightly non standard opening as even if it is smaller or larger the door will still operate.
A 2438mm (8'0") wide and 2125mm (7'0") high door requires ideally the same brickwork opening size with 90mm either side for the frame legs and 120mm minimum for the headroom required (more for the widest doors)

Example: You measure your garage structural opening and it is 2250mm wide and 2150mm high. The nearest standard door for this to fit behind is a 2286mm wide x 2125mm high. The extra width is not a problem as long as your piers are big enough internally and the 25mm height shortage is taken up by an 85mm fascia plate supplied as standard with the every door. You could also order the 2175mm high of course and lose the top 25mm of the door panel, not really a problem with any of the designs.

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If you were stuck for space internally at the side you could also install a 2134mm wide door in this instance as the frame legs are 82.5mm wide so will take up the difference between the 2250mm wide and the 2134mm width of the door frame opening, and agian you have the 2 height options as above.
You could also choose a lower height if you had internal issues and the Carteck door unlike others does not rely upon a solid fixing for a torsion spring mounted over the top door panel so you could for example order a 2000mm high door and infill the difference between 2150mm and the 2000mm high bearing in mind there is a steel fascia supplied taking up 90mm of the space above the door panel leaving only 60mm to infill in this example. (2150mm - 2000mm - 90mm leaves a 60mm gap). All the springs for a Carteck are situated in the horizontal tracking system and this is where you will need to concentrate on a good fixing internally to support the weight of these

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