Teckentrup 62 Swing Secure Doors

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Teckentrup 62 Swing Secure Doors

teckentrup high performance hinged doorsets

Teckentrup 62 Insulated Side Hinged Doors
Teckentrup stainless steel lever handle on hinged door set

The New Teckentrup Swing Secure Insulated Side Hinged Doors are the most secure and stylish hinged doors you could choose for your home.
As entrance doors have become far higher in their performance recently, garage doors havent really kept up. The Swing Secure perhaps bridges that gap and offer performance levels unheard of before in garage doors and presently unmatched by any other side hinged door type.
The very highest build quality from a leading German manufacturer of domestic and commercial doors. Double skin steel, 62mm thick with a high performance insulating core, stainless steel components, high security locking, superb powdercoat finishing and many other great features make this a door like no other.

The Teckentrup 62 Swing Secure is CE marked to EN14351-1 and has certified performance to confirm its outstanding capability. Two examples of this are:

> Thermal Transmittance EN 13241-1 B: Tested U value of 1.4 Wm²K (even allowing for a 3mm gap under the door)
> Operating cycles EN1191 C5 (200,000 cycles tested)

Most garage doors in the UK will simply have a very basic standard to comply with basic CE marking, or soon to be our new Brexit system, and offer very little else in terms of tested and declared performance characteristics. When you are buying any garage door are you actually asking what it can do in terms of its performance, or are you just taking the marketing headline wording as gospel? is an 'insulated' garage door actually insulated or using panels which have some insulating foam inside? What are their actual capabilities
The door and frame system on the Swing Secure doors are CE marked and have been independently tested to offer the following performance characteristics:

Insulation (Thermal Transmittance) - EN 13241-1 B: 1.4 Wm²K
Resistance to Windload - EN 12424: Class 2
Watertightness - EN 12425: Class 2
Air Permeability - EN 12426: Class 2
Operating Forces - EN 12604: 150N
Operating Cycles - EN1191 C5 (200,000)
Security (optional) - EN1627/30 RC2 or Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification.

Reasons to choose Teckentrup

Teckentrup Security Keys and Cylinder Teckentrup 62 Block fixing Frame Teckentrup 62 door Stays Teckentrup 62 raised threshold
Stylish and Secure
Each door is supplied with a pair of Security Keys. These keys add extra security by preventing unauthorised copying. The keys cannot be cut by anyone other than the issuer of they key - Teckentrup.
Block Frame
The Teckentrup 62 double leaf doors are supplied with a block frame as standard, complete with mineral wool infill. A corner frame system is also available on request
Door Stays
The double doors are supplied with foot activated stays to hold the door in the open position*
*not designed for high wind applications.
Raised Threshold
A stepped aluminium threshold with a bulb weather strip is provided as standard for an improved barrier against dust and other debris. The threshold is also DDA compliant for wheelchair access.
Teckentrup 62 KO hinges Teckentrup 62 stainless steel hinges Teckentrup 62 matching window surround stainless steel surround
KO Hinges
KO hinges are supplied as standard and will be colour matched to the door colour.
Stainless Steel Hinges
Stainless steel hinges are an optional extra. 3 dimensional adjustments on site for optimum balance and operation over time to keep performance at its best.
Windows and Glazing
All windows are double glazed and available with clear or frosted glazing.
Colour matched inserts are supplied as standard.
Windows and Glazing
Upgrade to the stainless steel surrounds to add a striking contemporary look to your garage door.

The Teckentrup 62 Insulated Side Hinged Doors are made to order and straightforward to install with adjustable hinges to make alignment simple.

A black lever handle and security keyed cylinder is supplied as standard on all doors.
A stainless steel lever handle is available at an extra cost.
Stainless steel pull handles are available in two lengths, either 1200mm or 1500mm. These can be supplied individually or in pairs.
Teckentrup 62 1200mm D Handle Teckentrup 62 1200mm D Handle pair
1200mm 'D' Handle (1 No) 1200mm 'D' Handle (pair)
Teckentrup 62 1500mm D Handle Teckentrup 62 1500mm D Handle pair
1500mm 'D' Handle (1 No) 1500mm 'D' Handle (pair)

Door Colours
The Teckentrup 62 Insulated Side Hinged Doors are available in three standard colours:

anthracite grey ral 7016

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
jet black ral 9005

Jet Black RAL 9005
traffic white ral 9016

Traffic White RAL 9016

Door Designs
The following stylish designs are available in our Online Shop.

Teckentrup 62 without glazing Teckentrup 62 Rectangle H3 Teckentrup 62 Round R3

Teckentrup 62 Without Glazing

Teckentrup 62 Rectangle H3

Teckentrup 62 Round R3
Teckentrup 62 Rectangle V1P Teckentrup 62 Square S3 Teckentrup 62 Tall V1

Teckentrup 62 Rectangle V1P

Teckentrup 62 Square S3

Teckentrup 62 Tall V1
Teckentrup 62 Tall V2

Teckentrup 62 Tall V2

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