GDO Farndish with Smartpass (18 Colour Options) Up and over garage door Steel GDO

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GDO Farndish with Smartpass (18 Colour Options) Steel Up and Over
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Up and Over Steel GEAR TYPE: Canopy, Retractable

The GDO Steel Up and Over Garage Door with a "Smartpass" pedestrian hinged access door built in is the ideal door when you need to access your garage, but don't want to open the whole garage door.

These doors are available up to 9'0" wide.

Available in several standard sizes and fitted with either canopy or retractable operating gear this is an ideal steel up and over door for basic manual operation.
The standard white colour is both sides and the door can also be ordered in one of several optional colours.

Ordering size does not include the fixing frame dimensions, see measuring tab.

  • Large Range of Standard & Purpose Made Sizes
  • 18 Factory Finished Colour Options
  • Easy Fit With Pre Fitted Steel Sub Frame
  • Manufactured in the UK
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£612.00 Ex. VAT

The Farndish up and over door deals with all those garages which are accessed frequently on foot with a built in pedestrian hinged wicket door.
The wicket door only opens outwards and can be specified on the left or right hand side. It is 800mm wide regardless of the garage door ordering size.

Pre-finished in white as standard and available in several of the most popular standard sizes in the UK. The door comes fitted with either canopy or retractable operating mechanism as required.

The standard colour is white (RAL 9016) with 11 optional colours at a small extra charge.

Available without a steel sub frame for installation to a timber sub frame or with a factory fitted steel sub frame to fit directly to your structural opening.

As with all up and over standard size doors the sizes refer to the opening size of the framework so always remember to add on your timber or steel sub frame sizes to give your overall dimensions, especially important when fitting the door and frame inbetween a structural opening. The up and over door ALWAYS has to have either a timber or steel sub frame and cannot be installed without a sub frame.

The GDO up and over garage doors are available in a range of standard and purpose made sizes and the first option to decide upon is whether to use canopy or retractable operating gear.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages and generally you have canopy gear is you only every want a manual door and retractable if you want to add an electric operator to the door.

Canopy with steel frame

Canopy mechanism with steel frame

Retractable up and over door
Retractable mechanism with steel frame

The Canopy gear has a preassembled torsion spring above the door panel which lifts the door panel via a cable either side and once opened the door panel sticks out about a third and hence the name ‘canopy’

Retractable operating gear has arms either side lifting the door panel both assisted by tension springs. The motion of the retractable door is far more direct which means it does swing out more but ends up fully retracted inside the garage on the horizontal rails the door slides along. Fitting an electric operator to a retractable garage door is very easy indeed as long as you have the headroom and length to take the operator and its boom. 

Colour Finish
Choose from 18 standard powdercoat finished colours with the standard white at no extra charge (RAL9016)GDO Handle option Door panel is finished inside and out in the same colour chosen 

Handle Option
We offer a standard black handle with euro profile cylinder locking or the option of no handle at all and no hole drilled either when you are putting an electric operator onto the door.
(Most other up and over door brands are not able to offer the door without the handle hole drilled)

Factory Fitted Steel Sub Frame
This is an option we recommend as you receive a door with the frame already fitted and ready to fit into the garage aperture. The frame is a box section steel finished in either white or any of the other colours offered.
It is a 50mm wide frame all round the door on all the steel up and over doors so for the OVERALL dimensions simply add 100 mm to the ordering width and 50mm to the ordering height.

4 point locking
We offer the option to have 4 points of internal locking rather than the standard 2 point locking making the door considerably harder to break into by force.


All doors have a strong sub-chassis with bracing plates to ensure rigidity of the door panel.

The Up and Over doors feature a simple but effective cable operated latches that are engaged and disengaged with the locking handle.

Canopy Gear is spring assisted and provides a simple and effective solution for doors up to 8ft wide.

Retractable doors run on smooth polymer rollers in suspended tracks and are perfect for remote control operation.

The wicket door (pedestrian access door) can be on either side as viewed from outside (opening outwards).

Choose from the classic low gloss solid colours as below:
White RAL 9016 - standard colour
Jet Black RAL 9005
Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
Traffic Grey RAL 7042
Window Grey RAL 7040
Light Blue RAL 5012
Signal Blue RAL 5005
Steel Blue RAL 5011
Moss Green RAL 6005
Brown RAL 8017
Terracotta Brown RAL 8004
Ruby Red RAL 3003

Installation Instructions are provided with every door.

1.Warranty Period.

A warranty covering the safe and reliable operation of the garage door for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase is given to the original purchaser.
The purchaser is given a 2 year warranty for all springs; tracks; rollers; and hinges for normal use, whereby normal use constitutes no more than 5 operations (open/close) per day. We recommend that they are inspected annually by a competent engineer. The warranty period for replacement parts is 6 months or for the remainder of the warranty period.

2. Requirements.
Warranty is valid in the country where the garage door was purchased.
The product must have been purchased through one of our authorised partners and a barcode and receipt of purchase provided.
The warranty only covers damage to the garage door.

3. Performance.

During the warranty period we will rectify defects to the Fort product that can be proved to be material or manufacturing faults. At our discretion we will either exchange; repair; or reduce the price. We will not accept any costs for dismantling; installation; or delivery.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by:
Improper transport and fitting.
Repairs by non-qualified or non competent individuals.
External influences such as fire, water, alkaline solutions, acid, bird droppings or abnormal atmospheric pollution.
The use of non Fort Doors parts without the approval of the manufacturer.

Additional Information

It is a fundamental condition of this guarantee that the product has been installed, maintained and serviced correctly and is used solely for the purpose for which it was designed.
Incorrect installation, maintenance and service will invalidate this warranty.
The door must be kept in a clean condition and free from impact damage.

Wicket door is always 800mm


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