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Seceuroglide Connect (5 year warranty)
Control your garage door via a smart phone.

Seceuroglide Connect allows connection through a Wi-Fi router with any terminal using remote access via internet or Ethernet. It allows you to use your smartphone like a transmitter. 

A plug and play system allows you to set up the system effortlessly without the need for specific applications.

Plug and Play
SeceuroGlide Connect does not require a complicated installation procedure; the system is implemented through simple and intuitive connections.

Simplicity of Use and Customisation
On the first selection page there are 6 pictures that can be customised to suit you all done via your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Comfort Within Reach of All
No software or application is needed with SeceuroGlide Connect; all you need to use is a Wi-Fi router and internet connection.

Control Through Your Smart Phone
Your phone becomes the controller and performs the same functions as a remote control.

How to use:
With a few simple operations you are immediately able to control your garage door via your smart phone.

1. Connect SeceuroGlide Connect to a Wi-Fi router (NOT an App)
2. Connect SeceuroGlide Connect to the mains
3. Connect the terminal to the home Wi-Fi network
4. Open your favourite browser (Explorer, Safari etc)
5. Enter the IP address supplied with your SeceuroGlide Connect
6. Set the graphical interface which allows you to create and customise your own transmitter
7. Program the SeceuroGlide Connect like a normal transmitter

*Please Note: The Connect is not compatible with the New Tahoma or Connexxoon.

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