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Seceuroglide lt roller door with no hood and woodgrain finish garage door

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Seceuroglide LT Roller Door with no hood and woodgrain finish Aluminium Roller door - insulated
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Roller door - insulated Aluminium GEAR TYPE: Roller Shutter

The Seceuroglide LT Roller Doors combine space saving vertical operation with the benefits of an insulated profile and the convenience of electric operation.

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Web Price from: £944.40 Inc. VAT
£787.00 Ex. VAT

New: SeceuroGlide garage doors now come with a SeceuroDrive motor as standard, and a 7 year warranty on the motor. The SeceuroSense receiver now comes with a 7 year warranty.

The Seceuroglide LT is a stripped down version of the standard Seceuroglide.
It is designed to offer a fully compliant electric roller garage door at a most competitive price in situations where security is not a particular issue.
The UK market has many roller door manufacturers selling low specification roller doors and many are not compliant with regulations but if price is your main consideration then this door will fit the bill.

The door still uses a bottom edge safety sensor rather than the illegal infra red beams and has 2 transmitters supplied for remote operation using 'rolling code' technology. The internal receiver and control box has a built in courtesy light operating when the door is opened and switching off automatically after a few minutes.

The curtain slats are a high quality double skinned, foam filled aluminium and available in various finished colours.

Internal manual override is standard for power failures and is on the same side as the motor unit which can be specified when ordering.

Domestic garage and low use commercial applications

The Seceuroglide LT Roller doors have 75mm guides up to 4500mm wide and 90mm guides for doors over 4500mm wide. These come in white or brown as standard.
The 'up to' sizes referred to in the pricing are the overall guide width sizes including the guides and the guide height without the roll above. So to price a door for an opening 2300mm wide and 2200mm high assuming your are installing the roller door on the inside face of the garage opening you need to specify a door 2450mm over guides and 2200mm in guide height for pricing. Use the 'Up to 2600' for the width and 'Up to 2200' for the height.

Economy motor - remote control with bulk head light and two transmitters. Safety edge is included as standard. Internal manual override facility.

Magnet Kit (EC726O0):
To be used when a door is fitted on an uneven floor.
When the door is down the uneven floor can compress the rubber chamber causing an obstacle signal to be generated.  This would cause the door to reopen slightly. To stop this from happening, a magnet and sensor can be fitted to the door, which deactivates the safety edge before it hits the floor preventing the reopening.
Double doors may be more susceptable where the floor can be a lot higher in the middle of the opening.

Woodgrain finishes available:
Golden Oak
White Woodgrain
Black Woodgrain (black/brown in colour).

Guides will be supplied brown as standard. Powdercoated guides are available at a surcharge.

Please ask for samples if unsure of finish required.

Installation instructions are provided with every door ordered.

5 Year Warranty

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