Which Hood Cover?

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Full, Half or No Hood

Which Hood Cover?

You will find that many of the insulated aluminium roller garage doors in the market offer a full or half hood and even no hood.

It is not always obvious which one you should choose.

Sometimes it depends on the installation position or what the roller door is to be used for. If the roller door is low in height, it is advisable to have a full hood cover so the curtain cannot be accessed whilst in operation.

Full Box (Full Hood Cover)
A full box, or hood cover completely covers the roll from the top, the back and most of the underneath section too. This would be an essential option if you were to install the door externally. The full hood cover will protect the curtain from the elements.
If the environment where the door will be installed is dusty, such as a workshop then it is ideal to use a full hood cover to protect the curtain. It also provides a neatness inside your garage and also helps reduce noise of operation.
The hood cover can be painted to match the door colour, you will find that there is an extra charge for this. Some companies cannot guarantee the hood to colour match the door colour.

Half Box (Half Hood Cover)
The half box provides a fascia to the front and the top of the box.
The fascia that the half box provides is required if you do not have sufficient headroom internally for the whole curtain roll to fit behind and therefore when the door is closed you would see the workings of the roller barrel. When you are installing inbetween the brickwork and underneath a lintel you would also need a fascia to close off the open space in front of the curtain roll again. The half box cover is fixed at either end to the lugs provided on the endplates for all roller doors that have hoods as an option.

No Box (No Hood Cover)
Roller Doors can be supplied with no hood cover and is quite acceptable. However, if you wish to protect the curtain from the elements, dust and debris then a full hood cover would be a better choice.


Roller Garage Doors Full Half Box Hood Covers Illustration 

roller door with full hood external installation roller door with full hood internal installation
A full hood completely conceals the roll. With this option it allows the roller doors to be fitted outside the garage. The hoods are supplied in white or brown as standard. Neater Finish: The full hood cover option also adds a neater finish to your garage door when installed internally.


Installation Positions

A roller garage door with no hood or half hood cannot be installed externally. If you require the roller door to be fitted externally a full hood will be required.
This would need to be taken into consideration when choosing your roller garage door.
roller door with no hood internal installation roller door with full hood internal installation
Roller Door with no hood - internal installation. Roller Door with full hood - internal installation.

Gliderol Insulated Roller Doors.

The Guides, Headplates and Box Colour are supplied in white or brown as standard or can be of a similar colour dependant on the door colour chosen. Any of the Laminate woodgrain finishes only have the option of brown guides, headplates and box colour.


SWS Seceuroglide Roller Doors.

Shutter Box (Optional)
Construction: Roll formed aluminium in either one or two sections (90° facia and 45° lid).
Standard colours: White or Brown as standard (Available in any of the other plain colour finishes at a surcharge)
Installation Positions
SeceuroGlide Roller Doors are extremely versatile and can accommodate curved or non-standard openings.
They may be fitted in any of the following ways:
Face Fix – Internal
Installed inside the opening. Here the inside edge of the guide rails line up with the brick opening.
Ideal where headroom inside the garage isn’t seriously restricted. Internal reveal fixing may be used to great effect in arched openings.
Face Fix – External
Installed outside the opening. Ideal where headroom is particularly restricted. Requires full box cover option for weatherproofing.
Reveal Fix (Fixing inbetween)
Installed within the opening itself. Maximises internal space in the garage whilst not obscuring the exterior of the garage. Requires good reveal headroom. Reveal fixing the roller door also reduces the drive through width of the door when open by the width of the guide rails chosen.


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