Carteck Sectional Door Sizes

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Dimensions for Carteck Insulated Sectional Door

The Carteck GSW 40 sectional garage door is just like all other sectional doors sold in the UK where the ordering and pricing dimensions refer to the actual size inbetween the fixing steel framework.

You can fit the Carteck sectional door behind or inbetween a structural opening, but obviously the dimensions would be different for each type of opening and if fitting inbetween you will need some special brackets and also some form of cloaking over the frame legs and head frame as they are not necessarily the same colour as the door and have predrilled fitting holes. These items are all available through GarageDoorsOnline.

Below are the details you need to digest and make sure you order a Carteck door with, always remembering the side room and head room required as well as the length of the tracks going back into the garage as they are considerably longer than a normal up and over door. The electric operator boom is the longest item in the calculations.

If fitting between the opening, please deduct 180mm from the opening width to determine the ordering width.
Deduct 120mm for manual doors and 140mm for electric operation (unless the additional fitting bracket is purchased then 120mm applies) from the opening height to determine the ordering height.

carteck sectional door measuring guide

carteck sectional door side view

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