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What is the right Garage Door for me?
1st November 2016

What is the right Garage Door for me?

What is the difference between Garage Doors?

With Black Friday around the corner, knowing what seperates the different types of Garage Doors is important for a new purchase. There are 4 popular types of Garage Door that scale from quick replacements and luxury home improvement projects.

Up & Over

The most common type of door on the market, there are two specific kinds of Up & Over door.

Canopy Garage Doors - Taking the name from the way a canopy looks when opened, with one third of the door protruding from the garage when raised. Recommended as a cheap and easy manually opened door, as a replacement for a damaged door, or for a style change from the rest of the neighborhood. 

Retractable Garage Doors - Attached on internal tracks inside the garage, when opened the front panel lifts up inside the garage with no protrusions. Being available for much wider door openings and suitable for automatic opening unlike the Canopy. These doors are strong and reliable with little maintenance needed.


Much like an Up & Over Retractable door, this kind lifts up into the garage, however the multiple panels of this door lift vertically to slide along rails inside the garage. This means that for those with a short driveway, you can park right up against the door and not have to worry about the door opening to bump the front of your car. With strong insulation options, attractive visual designs and its utilitarian opening method, this is a fast growing popular choice for the UK.

Roller Shutter

Primarily used in the commercial and industrial sectors, roller shutters have been used for home garages as they develop in quality and appreance. Held inside a top "box" for the roller shutter to open vertically and hide away into. Given how these doors meet industry standards, they are some of the most secure doors on the range, meeting a number of insurance and police standards. Simple to operate, high security and customisable with many colours or finishes.

Side Hinged

With a rustic appearance, these doors open outwards so require space to be opened, meaning you will need to have a long driveway or make sure your garage does not lead into public access. This is the ideal choice if your garage has little clearance within it that could not support an Up & Over door. With homely styles, these doors are top choices for those who use the garage as storage or an additional room where the easy to open and lock doors can be used often without hassle.

Quick conclusion

Up & Over doors are the best for cheaper replacement doors or an upgrade to your current door.

Sectional doors are high quality, very visually appealing doors to improve the quality of life and price of your home.

Roller Shutter doors are high security, compact doors, good for keeping valuables safe.

Side Hinged doors are for door openings which are difficult to get clearance and space inside to fit a full door.


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