Garador Salisbury (18 Colour Options) Up and over garage door Steel Garador

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Garador Salisbury (18 Colour Options) Steel Up and Over
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Up and Over Steel GEAR TYPE: Canopy, Retractable


The Garador Salisbury steel up and over garage doors offer an attractive and easy to maintain solution for any garage.

It comes with windows as standard providing additional character and the benefits of allowing natural light into your garage, without compromising on security or durability.

  • Canopy or Retractable Mechanism Options
  • UK Manufactured for over 60 years
  • High Quality Galvanised Steel
  • 10 Year Warranty
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Web Price from: £1,395.60 Inc. VAT
£1,163.00 Ex. VAT

Garador steel up and over doors use a high quality powder or foil coated finish.

Choice of 7 Powdercoated Options:
RAL 9016 White as standard
RAL 9005 Black*
RAL 6005 Green
RAL 5011 Dark Blue
RAL 5005 Blue
RAL 3003 Red
RAL 8028 Brown

*Jet Black RAL 9005
Please Note: 
The Current Smooth black powder-coat finish is due to be replaced by a textured finish.  Your order may be smooth or textured dependant on stock availability. Once the smooth is depleted all black doors will be supplied in a textured finish.

New Colours now available:
Pigeon Blue RAL 5014
Clay Brown RAL 8003
Fir Green RAL 6009
Ochre Brown RAL 8001
Burgundy Brown
Window Grey RAL 7040
White Aluminium RAL 9006
Light Ivory RAL 1015
Stone Grey RAL 7030
Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
Light Grey RAL 7035

White (RAL 9016) and brown (RAL 8028) doors are supplied unwrapped as standard. Optional coloured doors are supplied wrapped and include a touch up stick as standard.

Factory Fitted Steel Fixing Frame
We highly recommend the Garador steel fixing frame as it offers the tightest tolerance around the edge of the door panel, creating a faster and neater fit compared to a standard timber subframe. 

Canopy with steel frame

Canopy mechanism with steel frame

Retractable up and over door
Retractable mechanism with steel frame

Choose Handle Option
Choose either a black nylon handle or a high quality diecast metal handle in white, brass or chrome effect.

Garador Handle Options

Extra Security Locking
For manually operated doors we offer the option to upgrade to a 4 point locking rod system for improved security and resistance to forced entry. Combined with a steel sub frame the Garador locking rod system utilises the steel closing lip along with steel plates to prevent easy access to the internal locking catches for the door.

The improved security of a locking latch in each corner protects against forced entry.

Suitable for retractable gear options the electric operated ‘De Latch Security Locking’ system works with the existing manual locking mechanism, and the remote control operator, by connecting with a mechanical latching system to provide 3 point locking security.

The ‘De Latch Security Locking’ system is not suitable for canopy doors.

Emergency External Release
Required for garages without alternative means of access to the garage. This system attaches a cable internally, within the garage, and offers a way to externally disconnect the remote control operator towing arm, perfect in the event of a power failure.

Remote Control Electric Operator
Complete with two hand transmitters the Garamatic 9 electric operator is reliable, secure and offers excellent value for money.  The operator is maintenance free and creates a super smooth and quiet door. Other features include a manual override option, for the event of power failure, an integral LED light with 10 LEDs to combine for low power consumption and it complies with the latest European safety standards. Short K boom is included with this motor, it will be suitable for doors up to 2500mm high.


The Garador Up and Over Doors are fitted as standard with secure 2-point locking to prevent unauthorised entry.

Optional 4-point locking kit is provided (with a surcharge) for extra peace of mind: 
Additional security kit comprising steel locking bar rods and slam-shut latches to increase the number of locking points from two to four.

De-Latch Security Locking Kit
When an electric operator is fitted the garage door only locks on the operator – the door is not locked on the locking catches fitted to the door. A delatch kit will engage the locking catches on the garage door as well providing a further level of security

Anti-drop device:
To prevent the door from crashing down in the event of a spring or cable failure.

Zinc-coated torsion spring:
For durability and a clean, finished look.

Cast alloy cable drum.

Canopy Gear -
The canopy gear allows the door to travel in vertical tracks and is counterbalanced by an overhead torsion spring.
The nominal drive through clearance is 40mm less than the opening width and 130mm less than the opening height.
In the open position, the door projects approximately one third of the door height, forming a canopy.

Single canopy doors come complete with:
> Anti drop device to prevent the door from crashing down in the event of a spring or cable failure.
> Zinc coated torsion spring for durability and a clean finished look.
> Cast alloy drum
> 2-Point Locking to prevent unauthorised entry.
> Design handle for safe door operation.

Retractable Gear - The retractable gear allows the door to be retracted inside the garage when open by means of horizontal overhead tracks supported by wall or ceiling mounted suspension brackets. This gear is available as an option for single doors and comes as standard with double garage doors.
The nominal drive through clearance is 105mm less than the opening width and 110mm less than the opening height for single doors and 140mm less than the opening height for double doors.

Single retractable doors come complete with:
> Multiple spring cassette and pivot arm cover providing trap protection to reduce the risk of injuries.
> Secure parking position to prevent the door from uncontrolled closing.
> Design handle for safe door operation.
> Secure locking to prevent from forced entry.

Optional Retractable Plus Gear - available on 1931mm, 1981mm and 2136mm high doors and up to 2284mm wide. 
Retractable Plus Gear is an optional extra for garages that have narrow openings, they have specially designed lifting arms and bottom spring brackets to allow for maximum use of the clear passage.

Retractable Plus Gear is not available for doors over 7'6" wide

Installation Instructions are provided with every door.


Timber doors: 2 years. Warranty is granted on the door panels alone under the terms and conditions specified herein. The door mechanism and steel frame (if applicable) is covered by the 10 year warranty period. Replacement Parts: 6 months.

GRP Doors: 2-year Warranty on the door panels. 10-year Warranty on the door mechanism and steel frame.

Steel Doors: 10-year Warranty. Replacement Parts: 6 months.

The Warranty does not cover damage caused through:

> Normal wear and tear

> Improper installation

> Negligent care and maintenance

> Improper initial and subsequent operation

> Negligent or wanton destruction

> External influences such as fire, water, salts, alkaline solutions, acids, abnormal environmental influences

> Mechanical damage through improper transport and fitting

> Priming and other surface protection treatments

> Repair by non-qualified persons

> Using non-Garador parts without the approval of the Manufacturer

> Remove of the product number or making it unidentifiable

Garador Up and Over Service and Support: Information on operation, maintenance and cleaning of your garage door.

Ordering Size Code

Internal Frame Sizes
Timber Sub Frames
Width x Height
(mm x mm)

Steel Framed Canopy Door
Overall Frame Sizes*

Width x Height
(mm x mm)
Steel Framed Retractable Door
Overall Frame Sizes*

Width x Height
(mm x mm)
6660 1984 x 1830 2094 x 1888  2124 x 1888
6664 1984 x 1931 2094 x 1989  2124 x 1989
6666 1984 x 1981 2094 x 2039  2124 x 2039
6670 1984 x 2136 2094 x 2194  2124 x 2194
61064 2084 x 1931 2194 x 1989  2224 x 1989
61066 2084 x 1981 2194 x 2039  2224 x 2039
61070 2084 x 2136 2194 x 2194  2224 x 2194
7060 2134 x 1830 2244 x 1888  2274 x 1888
7063 2134 x 1905 2244 x 1963  2274 x 1963
7064 2134 x 1931 2244 x 1989  2274 x 1989
7066 2134 x 1981 2244 x 2039  2274 x 2039
7070 2134 x 2136 2244 x 2194  2274 x 2194
7076 2134 x 2286  2274 x 2344
7164 2170 x 1931 2280 x 1989  2310 x 1989
7166 2170 x 1981 2280 x 2039  2310 x 2039
7170 2170 x 2136 2280 x 2194  2310 x 2194
7176 2170 x 2286  -  2310 x 2344
7364 2224 x 1931 2334 x 1989  2364 x 1989
7366 2224 x 1981 2334 x 2039  2364 x 2039
7370 2224 x 2136 2334 x 2194  2364 x 2194
7564 2259 x 1931 2369 x 1989  2399 x 1989
7566 2259 x 1981 2369 x 2039  2399 x 2039
7570 2259 x 2136 2369 x 2194  2399 x 2194
7576 2259 x 2286  -  2399 x 2344
7664 2286 x 1931 2394 x 1989  2424 x 1989
7666 2286 x 1981 2394 x 2039  2424 x 2039
7670 2286 x 2136 2394 x 2194  2424 x 2194
7676 2286 x 2286  -  2424 x 2344
8064 2439 x 1931 2549 x 1989  2579 x 1989
8066 2439 x 1981 2549 x 2039  2579 x 2039
8070 2439 x 2136 2549 x 2194  2579 x 2194
8076 2439 x 2286  -  2579 x 2344
8666 2590 x 1981  -  2730 x 2039
8670 2590 x 2136  -  2730 x 2194
8676 2590 x 2286  -  2730 x 2344
9066 2744 x 1981  -  2884 x 2039
9070 2744 x 2136  -  2884 x 2194
9076 2744 x 2286  -  2884 x 2344
1066 3049 x 1981  -  3189 x 2039
1070 3049 x 2136  -  3189 x 2194

 *No fitting clearance allowed. If door is fitted between the brickwork a minimum of 10mm clearance over the width and 5mm over the height should be added to the overall frame size when selecting the door.

Canopy Gear


Retractable Gear


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